2016 Michigan vs Colorado Game Recap: MVP and Not-MVP

Michigan’s week three meeting with the visiting Colorado Buffaloes in the Big House did not go as well as many had expected coming into this week. Michigan struggled early on and, for the first time of the year, played from behind when the Buffs took a 14-0 lead before most people even got to their seats.

The Wolverines were able to settle down and win the game by a considerable margin, but it definitely wasn’t easy.

Here’s what I liked and what I didn’t like about Saturday’s win:

MVP: Peppers

Can Michigan just keep Jabrill Peppers forever?

The future first-rounder was dialed in all game, and Michigan needed him to be. Jabrill played what might have been the best game of his young career, and that’s saying a lot. Aside from his nine tackles, one sack, 204 all-purpose yards and an electrifying punt return for a touchdown, Peppers was a leader on the field and was clearly the spark Michigan needed to get back in the ballgame.

One can easily argue that the game would have been completely different without Peppers in the game. He was absolutely the most valuable player on the field today.

One a separate note, this would feel incomplete without mentioning Sefo Liufau. He was excellent, and the game might have been much closer had he stayed in the game. He showed great toughness, more touch on his balls than anyone expected to see, and enough mobility to give any opponent serious issues. The Colorado QB was very impressive and was a legitimate test for Michigan’s defense.

Not-MVP: Slow Starts

Michigan dug themselves a hole early on thanks to a blown coverage and the strip sack. UM was able to get out of it because of the significant talent discrepancy and strong performances from veterans like Peppers and Butt, but against a stronger team, that would be a much taller task.

The Wolverines are going to have to look for quicker starts as they move towards the Big-Ten schedule.

There’s absolutely nothing to suggest that today’s start will turn into a trend for Michigan, but the fact it came against an inferior opponent might be cause for concern.

Next week’s biggest task: don’t let Saquon Barkley get going early.

Who were your MVPs and Not-MVPs of Michigan’s win over Colorado? Let us know in the comment section below! 

Photo Credit: Bryan Fuller/MGoBlog

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