2016 Michigan vs Michigan State Game Recap: MVP and Not-MVP

Despite a late surge by the Spartans, Michigan took care of business against its in-state rivals and captured its first win over MSU since 2012.

Anyone with any knowledge of the rivalry and the current state of both programs knew that MSU would come out guns blazin’ and try to spoil UM’s season. While it looked for a while they’d make it a game, Michigan never panicked, and ultimately beat a team that they absolutely should beat.
Here’s what I liked and didn’t like about Saturday’s showdown in East Lansing:

NOT-MVP: Taking the foot off the gas

A game that really had no business ever being a game became one in the 4th quarter.
Once Michigan’s defense settled in after MSU’s early long drive, I really felt that they would just roll for the rest of the game and would never let their opponent find any offensive momentum again. That sentiment seemed to be spot on until late in the game when the Spartans started to put drives together.
At that point, the game was probably beyond doubt, but you never want to let an opponent hang around…especially not THAT one.
I’m not upset that UM’s offense began to stall a little as the game was winding down because it isn’t realistic to expect points on every drive.
I am concerned, though, that the Spartans were able to string big plays together. Big plays will happen, of course, but the fact that they seemed to be happening consecutively is concerning and isn’t anything we’ve seen this season.
Michigan will want to take a long look at some of those plays as they prepare to face a team that specializes in big plays in about a month.

MVP: Jabrill’s stained uniform

Midway through the 2nd quarter, I noticed that Jabrill’s jersey was absolutely covered in grass stains. And it got progressively dirtier as the game went on. That could mean either great, or terrible things depending on what position you play.
Well, it’s definitely a good thing for an LB/DB/RB.
Peppers seemed to be around every single play on defense, and was an absolute weapon on offense. What’s even more impressive? Despite extensive snaps in all 3 phases, he was still able to take the 2-pt convert 90+ yards the other way in “blink and you’ll miss it” fashion.
He played like the top-5 pick he’ll be, and it would be tough not to call him today’s MVP.
What would you call the MVP and Not-MVP moments of Michigan’s win over Michigan State? Let us know in the comment section below! 
Harrison Rahajason
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