2016 Michigan Football Season Preview: Sizzling Hot Takes

I always hate this time of year.

The season is so close and fall camp is underway, which means anticipation for the start of the season is incredibly high. Fans are absolutely starving for any football and will take any tiny piece of information from within the program and make a huge deal out of it.

That, of course, means that pundits and fans alike will come out with far fetched and often absurd predictions about the upcoming season, just to drum up the excitement and give everyone something to talk about.

Well, the MGoFish staff decided to come out with some #HotTakes of our own…and they were hot indeed.

Here’s what came out of it:

Garrett Fishaw

  1. Harbaugh runs up the score on MSU and a fight nearly breaks out after the game
  2. Two 1,000 yard rushers in Smith and Isaac
  3. Speight starts every game and is 2nd team All-B1G

Safe to say that #1 was inspired by Netflix documentary series #LastChanceU

Brandon Whitaker

  1. Jabrill gets his pick
  2. There will be a punt return TD at Ohio State.
  3. Devin Bush Jr. becomes the next Navorro Bowman.

Every Michigan fan would absolutely love to see Devin Bush become a dominant linebacker. Especially with 3 years of eligibility left for him after this season.

Steven Moore

  1. UM gets at least 3 special teams TD’s (punt/kick returns)
  2. Ty Isaac becomes a big threat out of the backfield
  3. Harbaugh has a better sideline tantrum than any of last year’s tantrums

Harbaugh outdoing the jacket-removing tantrum from last year at Penn State is a sight we would all love to see.

Stephen Osentoski

  1. Michigan goes undefeated in the regular season
  2. Darboh will be Michigan’s leading receiver in yards and TDs
  3. Michigan will have 10+ players selected in the NFL draft

These are some sizzling takes. Possible? Absolutely. Will they come easily? Absolutely not. But we have faith in this staff.

Harrison Rahajason

  1. Peters starts and is freshman of the year in the B1G over Gary, Bosa, Weber, Sanders & Shane Simmons
  2. Jon Runyan and Nolan Ulizio get meaningful snaps on the OL this year
  3. Shane Morris transfers midway through the season

#2 would be a huge relief going forward for Michigan, but it will take an incredible effort from Brandon Peters to make #1 come true.

Evan Paputa 

  1. Michigan enters the Ohio State game undefeated.
  2. Speight wins the starting job and has a better season than Jake Rudock a season ago.
  3. Defense is so good that it makes the 2013 Michigan State defense look like the Lions.

For the non-Lions fans out there, you never want to be like the Lions.

Emmitt Jenkins

  1. Three tight ends will have two or more touchdowns
  2. Jabrill Peppers will lead team in sacks
  3. Defense will not allow more than 800 yards rushing through the season

#2 and #3 are two of the hotter takes on this list. But in a good way.

George Getschman

  1. Chase Winovich plays his way into meaningful time on the DLine
  2. O’Korn throws for 3,000 yards
  3. Ty Isaac leads the team in rushing TDs

#1 and #2 would be great news for Michigan, and at this point in the summer, make for some great hot takes. Chase Winovich could add a great dimension to the UM DLine. 

Last but not least we have….

David Arnold

  1. Michigan will struggle against Rutgers, pull it out late a la the Minnesota game last year.
  2. John O’Korn will take every significant QB (non-JabrillCat snaps) this season barring injury.
  3. Jourdan Lewis scores a TD in all 3 phases of the game this season.

#1 had me reaching for a cold glass of water. Wow. Only thing that could be hotter than that take would be #WarOnRutgers Twitter if it were to happen. But #3 would be lots of fun. Look for JD to line up in the slot early on in the season. With his speed, he could be very dangerous in the open field.

We’re just a few more Saturdays away, folks. So, what are your hottest hot takes for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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