Who Will Be the Next Team 136 Commitment?

The season is here which means recruiting tends to slow down a bit in terms of commitments. The recruits are busy with both school and football so, outside of game day visits, most of them put their decisions on hold until after the season. However, a great visit, surprise offer or a gut feeling could result in a commitment. And that\’s where i\’m leaning in terms of where the next 2015 commitment will come from.

To see who\’s the most likely to join the class, here\’s the top candidates for the next Team 136 commitment?

  1. WR Grant Perry 
    • The best pure receiver in the state, Perry is Alex Malzone\’s #1 target at Brother Rice and has shown the staff that he is worthy of an offer. His senior game tape has highlighted his crisp routes, great hands and toughness to break small gains into touchdowns. Add in the class\’ need for another receiver and the lack of options and I think an offer is in the near future. If and when this happens, he will be a very quick commitment.
  2. LB Asmar Bilal 
    • One of the top guys left on the defensive board, Bilal is a very talented linebacker out of Indiana that happens to have Michigan and Notre Dame as his finalists. He is not the most talkative recruit and hasn\’t shown his hand on which way he\’s leaning. Of course, after the loss at Notre Dame, several analysts are predicting the Fighting Irish but Bilal has said before that he looks at other things than the product on the field. Michigan is looking to get him on campus again before a decision is made, but if not, they are still very much in it.
  3. TE Tyrone Wheatley Jr 
    • The son of the former Wolverine running back great, TJ (as he\’s called) is one of the best athletes in the class. His size and athleticism allows him to dominate as both a defensive end and tight end. Because of that (and other reasons surrounding defensive end recruiting), the staff has switched recruiting him as a just a tight end and are now recruiting him as an athlete. He has yet to set an exact decision date, but said a decision could come at any time. With Michigan\’s high standing on his list, a quick decision could be good news for the Wolverines.

Other Option:

  • CB Marcus Lewis
    • Expected to wait until signing day, Lewis is still favoring Michigan and will be taking his official on October 11th for the Penn State game. With the staff heavily recruiting other corners, he could speed up his process and take that last cornerback spot.
  • CB Mook Reynolds
    • The Virginia Tech commit will be in Ann Arbor for an official visit at the Penn State game and has admitted how much he likes Michigan and what they offer. A great visit could flip him but he too is said to be waiting until NSD.
  • CB Javarius Davis 
    • See above. If his official visit for the Penn State game is even better than his summer visit, there\’s a small possibility that Michigan jumps to the top of his list with North Carolina (current commitment) and Florida (rumored leader).
  • DE/OLB Keisean Lucier-South 
    • Another prospect scheduled to officially visit Ann Arbor for the Penn State game, KLS grew up loving Michigan and both him and his mom seem to love what the Wolverines have to offer. Now, GoBlueWolverine\’s Sam Webb has said that the staff MAY shut down defensive end recruiting but that has yet to happen. If he\’s blown away on his visit, he could make a snap decision.
  • LB Osa Masina
    • Masina was very high on the Wolverines after a 2013 BBQ visit and still is even though most analysts see him staying closer to home in the Pac 12. Like the others, if he loves his official visit, it could put Michigan on top for good.
  • OL David Moorman
    • This is a complete shot in the dark, but with Michigan clearly looking for another offensive lineman in this class the staff could extend an offer to Moorman who was very high on the Wolverines before committing to Wisconsin once the offer never came.