Coming Up for Air: Week One of Michigan’s 2016 Fall Camp Tweet-Cap

The submarine. It’s become a staple term of the Harbaugh head coaching era at Michigan as the program is kept under wraps during fall camp. This tactic is good for the team as they can focus on the game more and media less but hated by media members and a large portion of fans looking for coverage. Well, luckily for everyone, this isn’t 1955 and the odds of keep all information from coming up for air is slim to none.

To help keep you as updated as possible, here’s a quick recap through tweets of the first week of the 2016 fall camp for Michigan:

Gary is scary

More Freshmen love

#12 Evans running with the 1st team offense (#55 David Dawson at RG)

More than just hype?

Line Play

Quarterback Battle

Back from Injury


Official Recaps

What do you think so far of the info that’s come up from the deep blue football camp? Let us know in the comment section below! 

Photo Credit: Melanie Maxwell/Ann Arbor News/MLive