Too High to Fly: Michigan Building a Sky Scraper-like Secondary

One of latest and greatest crazes in football is the over-sized defensive back. Thanks to the length and growing athleticism from players 6’1″ and above, they’ve become a wanted asset on the recruiting trail and that’s especially true for Michigan’s Don Brown. As the veteran defensive coordinator has coveted bigger defensive backs since the day he stepped foot in Ann Arbor.

And, since that day, he’s landed himself a dream haul of recruits, with a couple taller defensive backs still left on the board.

Check out what Don Brown and Jim Harbaugh are building in Michigan’s secondary:

2017 Commits

2018 Commits

2018 Top Targets

At the moment, Michigan only has three defensive backs that are 6’1″+. If they’re able to add at least one more of the 2018 targets to go along with their current haul, UM will have a depth chart that features eight of these sky scrapers, including six that are 6’2″ and above. And, when you look at their collective athleticism and add in the amount of talent Michigan has that line on the door frame, quarterbacks and receivers likely won’t enjoy throwing the ball against the Wolverines for the foreseeable future.

Photo Credit: Patrick Barron/MGoBlog