The FishVlog : Episodes 3.5 and 4

Pro tip – never ever do a macOS update during the middle of the work week. It is a nightmare. It also resulted in a week of less content that I could create. Nevertheless, here are two episodes of The FishVlog for you leading into the Wisconsin game.

Episode 3.5 – Big Ten East Scenarios

I take a look at the Big Ten East Scenarios again after last week’s games. Here’s last week’s video if you didn’t get a chance to see it. I essentially went through all the different possibilities for the Big Ten East to close out the season. I showed that Michigan still does in fact hold a sliver of hope, and after last week’s games, that sliver is still there. What we wanted last week was:

  1. Michigan to beat Maryland
  2. Ohio State to beat Michigan State
  3. Rutgers to beat Penn State

Unfortunately the Scarlet Knights were not able to take out the Nittany Lions, but all hope is not lost.

Check out the video below to catch up on what Michigan needs this week and to close out the season in order to make it to the Big Ten Championship game:

Episode 4 – Post-Maryland / Pre-Wisconsin

Michigan beat the Terrapins 35-10 in a game that featured one excellent half of football and a half of football that many people got angry over. Maryland outgained the Wolverines by about 30 yards and won the second half 10-7. Unfortunately for them, they were in a 28 point deficit by the start of the second half.

That didn’t keep Michigan fans from losing their minds during this relatively meaningless second half. I personally didn’t enjoy Michigan Twitter for those final two quarters:

Regardless of my strange inability to use the “Mute” feature that Twitter provides for me, I still found a couple things to talk about in regards to this game. The topics I cover in episode 4 are:

  1. Offense / Defense stand-outs from Maryland game
  2. Injury Report and Projection
  3. Wisconsin Preview

Check out the video below to hear some weird stats from the Maryland game, who I think will be healthy for the Wisconsin game, and the key factors I have for Michigan in order for them to beat the Badgers:

Let me know what you guys think about both videos. Keep an eye out next week when I make a return to my hype video roots for The Game. This year’s video will simply be titled “Fight”.

Stephen Osentoski