The FishVlog : Bonus Episode – Big Ten East Scenarios

Photo Credit: Eric Upchurch/MGoBlog

I tweeted last Saturday that Michigan needed quite a bit of help to have even a sliver of a hope to reach the Big Ten Championship game:

Turns out that things happened in Michigan’s favored. Iowa blowing Ohio State out of the water seemed crazy enough, but to have Michigan State pull the upset against Penn State on the same day is crazy-talk.

Now that those games are out of the way, Michigan’s chances went from “dude, give it up already” to “dude, you should still probably give it up already.” So, naturally, I made a video going through many scenarios in the Big Ten East. I describe the most likely scenarios, different Big Ten divisional tiebreakers, and scenarios in which Michigan can get in the Big Ten Championship Game. Check out the video below:

I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, but it might happen. As a recap, here’s what it’ll take for Michigan to make the Big Ten Championship:

  1. Michigan wins out.
  2. Penn State loses one more (Rutgers, Nebraska, @Maryland)
  3. Michigan State loses two more (@Ohio State, Maryland, @Rutgers)

That’s still not likely, but I’m much more optimistic than I was this time last week. Personally, I’m going to become a big time Rutgers fan for the next few weeks and hope they beat both Penn State and Michigan State to pave the way for Michigan. Putting any faith in Rutgers seems extremely desperate, but it’s also the most fun.

Short-term, here are your rooting interests for the weekend:

  1. Michigan win.
  2. Ohio State over Michigan State.
  3. Rutgers over Penn State.

If #3 doesn’t happen, not all hope is lost, but the sooner the Nittany Lions lose, the better the odds for Michigan get. Go Blue, Go Scarlet Knights, and Go To Columbus And Lose, Michigan State!

Stephen Osentoski