Recruit Review : Episode 2 – 2018 DB German Green

Photo Credit: Greg Powers (Scout)

Michigan got a 2-for-1 commitment in twin brothers Gemon and German Green in April 2017. The DeSoto, Texas natives definitely fit in the lanky, smooth mold of defensive backs that Michigan has pursued in the past few recruiting classes. In episode 2 of Recruit Review, I cover German Green, the safety recruit.

German Green missed his junior year with an ACL injury, which hindered his ability to rise in the rankings like his brother. Regardless, German brings an intriguing skillset to an already deep 2018 DB class. Take a look at the video below, where I go through the recruitment, scouting, stats, video, and projection for the 6’2 180lb safety prospect:

Make sure you take a look at Fishaw’s write-up of German back on his commitment date. If you missed it, check out the first episode of Recruit Review, where I cover 2018 WR Ronnie Bell.

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Stephen Osentoski