Working the O-Line: Stueber Talks the BBQ & Recruiting

College football recruiting is all about relationships. The coaching staff’s #1 goal is to quickly establish and build a relationship with a recruit and their family. But what is just as important is the relationships built between the recruits and the committed players at their targeted programs. It’s what can end up being the ice breaker or the deciding factor, that’s especially the case when the recruits get to talk face to face like Michigan’s top commits and targets did this past weekend.

There were plenty of current commits at the BBQ at the Big House that had their recruiting hats on to try and help build up the 2017 class. DE Corey Malone-Hatcher and LB Joshua Ross were the well known recruiters in attendance but OT Andrew Stueber was the guy that may have put in the most work and made the biggest impact.

The big man out of Connecticut made his first trip back to Ann Arbor since committing to the staff back in June and things went as well as possible.

“Everything was great,” Stueber said about the event. “The food was great but I really enjoyed spending time with the coaches and recruits just talking about the process and school.”

One of the most popular parts of the BBQ at the Big House is the scavenger hunt, and Stueber stood out throughout. In every photo for Team Drevno, Stueber’s size was hard to miss. As were two of his most high profiled teammates, OL Henry Bainivalu and OT Isaiah Wilson, who the Michigan commit quickly bonded with.

“I think they both had a great time and seemed to be really enjoying Michigan.” Stueber said. “Yeah, Henry Bainivalu is a recruit I really enjoyed talking with.”

The buzz around the BBQ was strong. Though he did not spend much time with non-offensive linemen he did hear some buzz about uncommitted players thinking of committing, but the general message from the coaching staff and commits was to inform, but not pressure to commit.

As for his take on Michigan’s chances with Bainivalu and some of the other visitors to the class, Stueber said he’s “definitely” feeling better about their chances after the event as he was feeling lots of positive vibes from everybody he was in contact with.

Stueber also was able to build his relationships with his fellow UM commits, including Malone-Hatcher, AJ Dillon and fellow Connecticotian commit, Ben Mason. So, even though immediate commitments didn’t come out of it, you can chalk up the 2016 BBQ at the Big House a success for both Michigan and Stueber.

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