Look Who’s Visiting Now: 2016 BBQ at the Big House

Almost every college football program has a huge off-season recruiting event where the coaches can round up the top targets on their board and show off both the program and university. At Michigan, the BBQ at the Big House is that event and it’s actually one of the only things Rich Rodriguez did that left a positive impact on the program. But the 2016 cookout is going unlike any other.

The 2016 BBQ at the Big House will take place on August 6th, just five days after the unparalleled apparel release from Nike/Jordan and Michigan. That day, fans and players will get to pick up their new Jumpman gear. But, as for the jerseys, those will not be released until the day of the BBQ. And, it goes without saying, it’ll likely be a monster hit with the visiting recruits.

As for those recruits, check out the growing list of expected visitors for Michigan’s 2016 BBQ at the Big House:

Sources: The Michigan Insider’s Brice Marich, Wolverine247’s Steve Lorenz and The Wolverine’s Brandon Brown





Not Expected to Make It 

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Photo Credit: YouTube/CBS Sports

Garrett Fishaw