Good News Coming from the In-State Great 8?

UPDATE:  #CommitWatch is on.

From position coaches to multiple recruiting coordinators and recruiting analysts, the Michigan Twitterverse is as smokey as possible right now but the question is, is it a 2016 recruit or a 2017 in-stater that is on campus or on their way to campus?

Michigan tight end’s coach Jay Harbaugh:

Michigan recruiting coordinator Chris Partridge:

Michigan recruiting/operations’ Albert Karsch:

Scout’s Midwest recruiting guru Allen Trieu reading the tea leaves of a Sam Webb tweet:

(Everyone knows Sam’s gut is a real life Michigan football/recruiting crystal ball)

I boldly predicted that Michigan would land LB Josh Ross and OT JaRaymond Hall during the In-State Great 8 event. I don’t know if it will be either of those guys but if I were you, I’d stay tuned.

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