Michigan’s Five “Must Get” Commits in 2017

With Cinco De Mayo here for everyone to enjoy, I thought I’d break down the five “Must Get” recruits for the Michigan football recruiting staff in the 2017 recruiting class. The list includes the top two players in the state of Michigan, top offensive tackle on the board, another Paramus Catholic star and the top center in the class.

1. Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Cass Tech (MI) 

DPJ is the top athlete in the class and proved it as a junior at The Opening last summer. On top of that, he happens to be one hell of a wide receiver as well. Good enough to be a nearly unanimous top 10 recruit in the class and the outright #1 overall player in the state of Michigan. All of those reasons on top of him coming from UM pipeline Cass Tech in Detroit are why he’s the top target on the board and the #1 “Must Get” recruit for the staff.

2. Isaiah Wilson, OT, Poly Prep (NY)

Wilson is one of the most physically impressive players in the entire class and one of the top offensive tackles in the country. He’s also had Michigan at/near the top of his list since the staff offered last year. Add in the high, high, high need for offensive tackles in this class and it’s easy to see why the Poly Prep standout is a top priority for this class.

3. Drew Singleton, LB, Paramus Catholic (NJ) 

Singleton is another player that has had Michigan at the top of his list for, what seems like, his entire recruitment. That is thanks to the pipeline UM has built to Paramus Catholic and his familiarity with both the coaching staff and roster. There aren’t many players in the country that could commit elsewhere and Michigan fans would take more to heart. So, that’s why he’s 100% on this “Must Get” list.

4. Cesar Ruiz, C/OG, IMG Academy (FL)

Guess what, Ruiz is yet another east coast recruit that has long favored the Wolverines. He, like the others, is also at a high position of need and is very familiar with both the staff and roster. Two of his best friends and former teammates (Brad Hawkins and Ron Johnson) will enroll at Michigan this summer. With all of that going in Michigan’s favor, missing out on Ruiz would be a big shot to UM’s 2017 class.

5. Ambry Thomas, CB, Detroit King (MI)

Thomas is the #2 player in the state but happens to be at a high school program Michigan has struggled to land recruits out of for awhile now. Being a top player, at a position of need and from a program UM is looking to build into a pipeline is reason enough to be on the list. However, landing Thomas along with Peoples-Jones would really show the change with in-state recruiting as Michigan State had been cleaning up with the top prospects through Michigan’s dead period. So, add that all in together and Thomas becomes a “Must Get” priority recruit.

Whether it’s longevity of interest, ties to the program or in-state ranking, “Must Get” recruits are on every staff’s board. So, these are the guys Michigan cannot miss on. What do you think of the list? Are there any players you think should be added? Let me know in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: MBN23/Flickr