Built by Transfers? The Latest Michigan Transfer Rumors

Most analysts and fans don’t have too much hope for the 136th team in Michigan football history and the first under Jim Harbaugh mainly thanks to a questionable roster. And obviously the new staff feels the same way as they have already brought in three graduate transfers and are rumored to be looking to bring in even more.

So, who will those new additions be? Here is the latest news and rumors surrounding possible transfers to Michigan:

The biggest news to come out on the transfer wire happened after Gus Malzahn decided to block senior S/LB Derrick Moncrief from transferring to Michigan, and most, including myself, believe it was because of the summer satellite camps right in SEC territory. However, that has since been cleared up as Moncrief texted TMI’s Sam Webb to let him know that he was cleared to choose Michigan:

Now, this does not mean Moncrief will for sure be donning the Maize and Blue in 2015. As a former junior college player, it will likely be tough for him to pass the admissions office. But if he does, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him joining Team 136, especially as a nice little shot to his former coach.

Webb has been on top of the transfer news and has hinted at “two former four star defenders from a southern power” who are are looking to transfer to Michigan ($). While the names are not yet known by the masses, Webb gave a couple hints, including one being “immediately” eligible to start in the front seven and the other being a defensive back who’d have to sit out a year.

While Webb has been the go to for TMI readers, Michael Spath has been the man for The Wolverine subscribers. And he’s let it be known that Michigan is trying to bring in multiple transfers, especially at wide receiver and (thanks to the Blake Countess transfer) cornerback ($).

One name that Spath had hinted at before as an option was Bowling Green WR Chris Gallon. While it seemed like a very good fit, Spath was able to do some digging and figure out that the rumors are “untrue”.

That’s one name off the list.

Another name thrown out there before was Florida’s Valdez Showers. He’s a local boy that Spath has mentioned multiple times and it looks like he’s a name to keep an eye on in the next couple weeks.

As for a new target, Spath hinted at a Pac 12 wide receiver that was recruited by Stanford in 2011 ($). So, feel free to run through all of their offered receivers that ended up at an in-conference school.

So, we have three players to watch for in Moncrief, Showers, and the mystery Stanford receiver, but who else could be interested?

Here are some other names I have seen thrown out there recently:

I don’t have a ton of faith in Michigan landing any of these guys for multiple reasons, including the likelihood of them transferring (Tabor and Anzalone, especially) and off the field issues (Young), but with Durkin’s close relationships to the Florida defensive players, landing one of them wouldn’t shock me.

As for when the moves will be known, we’ll have to be patient as moves are in the making but it’s in a wait and see period as more attrition will need to take place in order to clear up some scholarships.

Quick PSA

Speaking of those possible transfers out of Michigan, those should be known soon. While I don’t believe it will be as many as previously thought, it looks like a couple players will be moving on. But just a piece of advice, when the moves happen, please don’t tweet at or tweet/comment about the players. They’re making the right move for themselves and their families, so please try to respect that.