Yay or Nay?: Check Out the Internet’s Most Realistic Maize Uniform Concept Yet

The talk a maize jersey for the Michigan football program has been going on for some time. Most were scared Adidas would continue some of its horrible designs and add it to the line. But that didn’t happen. And now there are plenty of fans wondering if Jordan will mess around with the idea.

All around the internet, there has yet to be a legit mock-up of maize jerseys for Michigan. It’s either way over the top or just plain ugly. But, thanks to MGoBlog commenter, GoBlue519, I caught the most realistic and interesting design yet, from Ohio State fan, Dan Royer.

Could this be something the Jumpman team would put together?

Designed by Dan Royer

Designed by Dan Royer (@DanRoyerDesign)

Designed by Dan Royer

Designed by Dan Royer

Myself, I’m not a fan of the idea. I like just the pants, numbers and wings to be in the iconic maize. Too much and all I see is a West Virginia jersey and that’s just too close to the old Rich-Rod days for my liking. So, I’d vote no on this maize concept, though it’s by far the best I’ve seen to date.

What do you think? Vote and add your thoughts to the comment section below!

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