Why Michigan Should Re-Recruit Chris Clark

Once Jim Harbaugh was hired by Michigan, most believed he would easily sign the nation’s top tight end and former Wolverines commit, Chris Clark. However, after taking a trip to the west coast, he fell in love with UCLA and signed with the Bruins on National Signing Day.

Well, that love was something most have felt with their high school sweetheart. And that’s puppy love. Like when you’re 17 and think your girlfriend is “the one” even though your parents keep reminding you there’s likely a better fit out there. But instead of listening, you either wait until college to do something stupid or get your heart broken and then do something stupid.

That’s what may have happened here. And SPOILER ALERT: That totally didn’t happen to me.

But now, that feeling is clearly gone for Clark as he has asked for and received his transfer release from UCLA and is now, basically, a free agent.

Stories were released about some “immaturity” out of the former #1 tight end which led to his departure which then obviously led to several adults bashing the kid on social media. For the record, I heard about the stories and while, yes, they didn’t paint Clark in the best picture, he’s a kid and made a mistake. It happens all the time.

He spoke with Scout’s Brian Dohn about his release and clearly learned a lesson here ($):

I am extremely disappointed that it has happened like this,” Clark said. “If I could, I would have handled everything that happened with UCLA much differently. I have learned valuable lessons from this.”

They also discussed how quickly he’ll be deciding on his future program and how quickly he’ll be eligible to play for that school.

So, the question most Michigan fans are still waiting to know is if Jim Harbaugh would be interested in re-recruiting Clark and giving him another chance to be a Wolverine.

Michigan was clearly a comfortable favorite at the end of his recruitment and he looked to have a very good relationship with both Jim and Jay Harbaugh. Add in his fit in the offense, the staff’s need for multiple playmaking tight ends and the possibility they do not land a top tight end in 2016, and I believe the staff should take another run at Clark (if possible).

The majority of fans (from what I’ve seen) believe this would be a bad idea as they see him as a bad apple that shouldn’t receive another chance but I’m not one of them. Kids make mistakes and moving far away to college is tough on most. If the staff reaches out and gets the feeling that this was just a mistake and not a character flaw, bringing Clark to Michigan could be a great move for both the player and the program.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see if UCLA left Michigan off the list of blocked schools and if Harbaugh is willing to give him another chance or feels like Clark has burnt his bridge to Ann Arbor.

Garrett Fishaw