Who\’s Who: NFL & College Comparisons for Team 135 Recruits

Comparisons are always fun. It\’s fun to think and read about who these top recruits remind us of in the past and present. That is why we have done our best to come up with the NFL and college comparisons of Michigan\’s top recruits and commitments for the 2014 recruiting class. We are not saying these are the career\’s or personalities they are going to have, but the player\’s game that they remind us of the most.

Just make sure to give us a break, we didn\’t do every recruit and this isn\’t the easiest thing to do:



Jabrill Peppers – Charles Woodson
-Both are elite athletes that can star at corner, safety, running back or wide receiver.
Mason Cole – Jake Matthews
-Both are physical tackles that have great athleticism and technique.
Bryan Mone – Haloti Ngata
-Both are strong, aggressive anchors at nose tackle.
Drake Harris – Justin Hunter
-Both are long, slim receivers that stretch the field and are great in the air.
Moe Ways – Braylon Edwards
-Both are strong, physical receivers that can run and go up and get it.
Michael Ferns – Sean Lee 
-Both are athletic playmaking middle linebackers.
Freddy Canteen – Brandon Lloyd  
-Both are quick, fast receivers that run fantastic routes.
Wilton Speight – John Navarre
-Both are big, accurate signal callers.
Chase Winovich – Clay Matthews
-Both are fast, physical linebackers that make plays all over the field.
Brady Pallente – Mike Martin 
-Both are former state champion wrestlers that are physical and use their hands well.
Brandon Watson – Leon Hall 
-Both are physical defensive backs that can jam and make plays.
Lawrence Marshall – Cliff Avril
-Both are great with their hands and use their quickness to get to the QB.



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