Where are they Now?: Former Michigan Commits and Transfers

Outside of a Sugar Bowl championship in the 2011-12 season, this decade has been one to forget for the Michigan football program. And when you add in this list of decommitments, transfers and medical scholarships to the poor coaching hires, you can see where the problems began.

With so many former members of the recruiting classes and program, have you ever wondered “where are they now?”. Here is what each transfer, decommitment and former player is doing lately, and like MGoBlog’s Ace Anbender highlighted in his look back at the Michigan recruiting classes, 2010 is, for a lack of a better word, disgusting:


  • QB Messiah deWeaver (decommit) – Michigan State commit


  • TE Chris Clark (decommit) – Freshmen at UCLA
  • RB Mike Weber (decommit) – Freshmen at Ohio State
  • CB Garrett Taylor (decommit) – Freshmen at Penn State
  • WR George Campbell (decommit) – Freshmen at Florida State
  • RB Damien Harris (decommit) – Freshmen at Alabama
  • LB Darrin Kirkland (decommit) – Freshmen at Tennessee
  • DL Darian Roseboro (decommit) – Freshmen at NC State
  • CB Shaun Crawford (decommit)- Freshmen at Notre Dame


  • LB Michael Ferns (transfer) – Redshirt Sophomore fullback at West Virginia
  • OT Denzel Ward (decommit) – Redshirt Sophomore at Syracuse


  • OG Kyle Bosch (transfer) – Redshirt Sophomore at West Virginia
  • CB Gareon Conley (decommit) – Sophomore at Ohio State


  • DT Ondre Pipkins (injury/transfer) – playing his 5th year at Texas Tech in 2016
  • DE/TE Pharoah Brown (decommit) – Senior at Oregon
  • LB Kaleb Ringer (transfer) – Enrolled at Butler Community College, transferred to Georgia State
  • OL Caleb Stacey (decommit) – committed to Cincinnati, transferred to Mount St Joseph in 2013
  • CB Anthony Standifer (decommit) – committed to Ole Miss, transferred to Eastern Illinois



Just imagine what the program would have looked like if they would have made the right hire back in 2007 and didn’t lose/mis-recruit 30+ between 2010 and 2011?

Garrett Fishaw