What if College Football Had a Trade Deadline?

No college football program or roster is perfect. It’s the beauty of the game. But what if we destroyed the idea of collegiate athletics and gave the coaches even more power to upgrade their rosters?

With the MLB trade deadline almost here, it had me thinking about the possibility of football programs having the ability to work on deals with other programs last minute to help improve their rosters and give them a better shot at the playoffs. Basically, like adding just about any player via transfer(s) from a team stocked full of talent or a team looking for more pieces to build around.

Here are a couple trade headlines that could help both programs involved improve their rosters moving forward:

  1. Harbaugh Acquires Chubb & Treadwell in a Blockbuster 3-Team Deal

    • Jim Harbaugh will not be ok with a mediocre season, especially his first year back in Ann Arbor. So, with a very talented defense and the makings of an offense, I have the “savior” swinging for the fences and acquiring two of the best playmakers in the country, in Georgia’s RB Nick Chubb and Ole Miss’ WR Laquon Treadwell, to add some explosive plays and fire power to the stagnant offense. To land elite talent like this would cost several top young players, talented veterans at deeper positions, and a guarantee to not satellite camp in Georgia or Mississippi for 3 years. But if it means more success for Michigan, I wouldn’t put it past Harbaugh.
  2. Alabama’s Nick Saban Lands his Proven Quarterback in Buckeye’s Barrett

    • Two powerhouses give each other a helping hand as Saban gives up a very talented player in Kenyan Drake to acquire a (possible) game changing quarterback coming back from injury in JT Barrett. In this deal Alabama lands the perfect quarterback for their new offense and gives themselves a much better shot at the Playoffs, while Ohio State adds the 2nd half of a dynamic duo in the backfield for one of their many starting quarterbacks.
  3. Baylor Finds Its Next Heisman Candidate in Happy Valley

    • Art Briles is churning out quarterbacks down in Texas but with the roster he has now and the void left by Bryce Petty, he needs a proven arm to give the Bears a shot at redemption in 2015-16. And with Penn State not exactly “there”, trading their prized QB in Christian Hackenberg for several young offensive weapons, gives them a chance to build an even better roster, top to bottom.
  4. Dantonio is in “Win Now” Mode After Deal for Oklahoma’s Perine

    • Dantonio and Michigan State are taking a run at the National Championship after coming up just short in the last couple years by adding a young, game changing running back to their roster in Samaje Perine while sending a couple top young players/recruits to Norman. This move could be great for the future of both programs as it gives the Spartans a much more complete offense in 2015 and beyond while also helping restock the Sooners depth chart.
  5. The Mad Hatter Sells the Farm for Braxton Miller

    • If trades were actually legal for college football, there wouldn’t be a more active, wild coach out there making deals than LSU’s Les Miles. With all of the talent he brings in via the recruiting trail, it’s amazing he can’t seem to find a quality quarterback. So, I have him trading multiple top freshmen and sophomores to Urban Meyer for his QB that is most likely to move positions in Braxton Miller. This trade would give the Tigers are very real shot at making a run this season and would give the Buckeyes even more young talent to add to the depth chart.

Don’t take this too seriously. Obviously this would never happen and the trades are pretty fake because, the whole idea is fake. So, let’s have some fun: Who would you want Michigan/your team to add to the roster as we approach the “deadline”?

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