Was Jabrill Peppers the First of the Elite Dominos to Fall to Michigan?

When the #2 recruit in the nation, Jabrill Peppers, committed to the University of Michigan it was one of the biggest additions in the program\’s storied history. He is a program changing recruit that will make an impact on and off the field. But he could end up doing even more than that.

After Jabrill announced he was going to Michigan, it sent shockwaves through the college football recruiting world. It is known that top recruits attract other top recruits. It is is a domino effect and it is already in motion for the Wolverines.

Michigan already has 14 commitments for the 2014 class, that is expected to take around 18-20. So, that leaves 4-6 spots in one of the top classes in the country, which is perfect since they have three more elite level prospects highly interested and Jabrill is recruiting all of them to join him in Ann Arbor.

Jabrill wrote on his USA Today blog (yeah, they give those to high school players as good as him):

\”I\’m bringing Da\’Shawn Hand, (and) Leonard Fournette to Michigan\”

As for starters, Rivals #1 overall recruit, Da\’Shawn Hand, is very interested in the Wolverines and it is rumored that they are the heavy favorites. His interest jumped even higher after Peppers commitment and pursuit of the top defensive end. Jabrill is trying to sell Hand on fact that great corners need great defensive ends and vice versa. It looks like it could pay off in the next couple months and he could end up being domino #2.

Peppers repping his next school.
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Another player that is giving Michigan a hard look is the #2 cornerback in the country, Adoree Jackson. The top flight football and track star lives in California but is originally from Illinois so coming back to the Midwest is another factor that helps the Wolverines. Also, the chance to play across from the top cornerback in the country, and that is exactly what Peppers is selling him on. It seems to be working too as Jackson will be visiting in September for the Notre Dame game and almost visited for the BBQ at the Big House.

Jackson will be a very tough get for Brady Hoke, but if Hand commits, it could really be a big asset to sway him to be another domino to fall for the Maize and Blue.

With Peppers on the board, Hand looking like a very strong possibility and Jackson very interested, there is one last domino that could put the class completely over the top: ESPN\’s #1 overall recruit, RB Leonard Fournette.

The nations consensus #1 running back and top 3 recruit was seen as a lock for his hometown LSU Tigers but hat is not the case, according to his father. Fournette is completely open and is good friends with Peppers, who has really recruited him hard to the Wolverines. It has gone so good that Leonard and his family will be making their first ever visit to Michigan and Ann Arbor for the barbecue. They actually will be in town from Thursday, the 25th, until Sunday the 28th. So, the coaching staff will have plenty of time to show the top running back what every other recruit has raved about: the family atmosphere, which is what Leonard and his father are looking for the most.

If Hoke and company have their recruiting hats on right and sell the opportunity of being a 2 man running back duo along side Derrick Green, Michigan could possibly jump into the top tier of his list and land their final domino.

Now, this is a very long shot but also a real possibility. So take a second to sit back and imagine ESPN\’s #1, 2, 4, and 5 ranked recruits.

Did you do it?

Pretty amazing, right?

If this were to happen with one, two, or all three targets, Jabrill Peppers would likely go down as one of the biggest and most important recruits in Michigan football history.