Walters Gives his Michigan Visit an “A+”

Featured image via Chris Balas (@Balas_Wolverine

This past weekend’s A4 quarterback camp was one of the more unusual football camps most fans or analysts have ever seen. Instead of a bunch of traditional QB drills, Harbaugh decided to add in some baseball, soccer, racing and dodgeball to get the campers to compete and show off their athleticism.

While some may find that camping style uncanny, newly offered 2018 Paramus Catholic (NJ) QB Allan Walters loved it. And he especially loved landing his offer from the Wolverines after the staff saw first hand how he competed.

For awhile now, Allan’s been telling me how interested he’s been in Michigan. So I knew how pumped he was going to be about the offer. He told me all about that, as well as his experience at the A4 camp and where the Wolverines stand in his recruitment:

How was your first trip to Michigan?

It was great! I loved the atmosphere, coaches, culture, town everything was great! I would give the visit an A+

Did anything specific stand out about the program? Something that put the visit over the top?

Really everything! I love the coaches! There mindset is to get the best out of everyone and compete 110% every rep! And I really like that because I know regardless they are going to get the best out of you especially coach Harbaugh

How was the camp experience? It looked like you were having a blast while playing dodgeball

Haha! Yes I was! It was different in a very positive way! It wasn’t the typical 1v1 and all that it was a camp to see who wanted to compete!

I really enjoyed being in that atmosphere because you got to compete against the best beyond football and everyone was having fun!

Were you able to really talk with any of the other campers?

Brandon Peters I talked to a lot about how he felt about UM and Harbaugh! He had only positive things to say I also talked to Matt Falcon over DM after my offer he wants me to take a visit with him this fall so im gonna do that for a game

Did you guys have a certain game in mind?

Not sure yet! But I definitely wanna take a visit and meet up with him and a few other prospects

So, how did the offer go down? I know how much you were hoping to land it

Coach Partidge called me up after camp, gave me a tour and we sat down and talked then coach (Harbaugh) called me in. I talked to him and Coach Fisch for about 45 minutes and they offered me!! It was an amazing feeling! I was beyond excited, words can’t describe

With your camp experience and the offer on the table, would you consider Michigan the favorites moving forward?

I really can’t say I have a favorite! But they are definitely at the top of my list and will stay there! Im just blessed with all the opportunities presented to me to get a free education and play the game I love

After landing his offer, most believed he was a candidate to commit right away however, he let me know he is planning on taking his time. But look out for him to be on campus plenty of times in the future, starting this fall for a game.