Stueber Lands Offer, Looks to Make Decision this Summer

The prospect that stole the show during the camp weekend at Michigan was not the most followed on twitter or talked about recruit on campus. In fact, he was a guy that arrived to Ann Arbor without a Michigan offer. The player, 2017 Darien (Conn.) OT Andrew Stueber, was the most dominant lineman of the Big Man Camp and earned an offer from Tim Drevno shortly after it ended.

“Coach Drevno pulled me to the side after camp and told me they were offering me which is incredible and I hope for the best. Coach Drevno has so much knowledge about the position and I thought that he coached really well. The wealth of drills and competition was good,” Stueber (6’6, 305 pounds) said.

The visit to Michigan was his first time to Ann Arbor and the visit exceeded his expectations.

“It was my first time being out here. It was great to see everything and everything I heard was true; it was that and more. I’ve heard that it’s a really big school, the facilities are incredible, and the campus itself is beautiful. I’m kind of looking for a school that seems kind of big on the outside but when it comes down to it is a close community. I felt a community at Michigan. The opportunities are incredible as well,” Stueber said.

Stueber first came onto Michigan’s radar in April when Don Brown visited him at school. From there, Stueber camped at Michigan’s satellite camp in Chershire, Connecticut on June 5. During the June 5 satellite camp, Brown informed him of the Big Man Camp on campus this weekend and suggested that he attend.

There were rumors of an instant Stueber commitment, but he would like to get his mom to visit a school before he chooses to commit to it. He visited today with only his dad.

“I did not commit. I definitely want to get my mom up here, but it’s been hard with the dead period. I believe¬†they are having a barbecue on August 6 and I will definitely be attending with my mom and I want to make a decision this summer,” Stueber said.

After the offer, Stueber got to meet Jim Harbaugh and they had an extensive conversation in Harbaugh’s office.

“I sat down in his office and we had a great talk about the school and what he’s doing with the team; I talked to the graduate assistants on the offensive line. He definitely cares about his players a lot and wants to build relationships with the players as people, not just as a player. I take that to heart,” Stueber said.

Although Brown is the defensive coordinator for Michigan, he serves as Stueber’s recruiter for the Northeast. The relationship with Brown is an added bonus since Brown comes from Boston College and once coached baseball at Yale.

“He takes a lot of pride in Connecticut and New England and that means a lot to me that he gives recognition to New England.”

Stueber has over a dozen offers and plans to make a decision by the end of the summer.

“Right now I’m in with UNC, Penn State, Duke, BC, Syracuse, Tennesse, Northwestern, and a couple of Ivy League schools.”

Evan Paputa