The Harbaugh Effect: How Michigan is Back to Being Michigan

Holy. That word is associated with the places and things that mean everything to us. Examples of these are places like Mecca and Jerusalem, and items like the Cross or the Holy Bible. If you are a sports fan, college football in particular, you know there are a few of these places that qualify as ‘Holy’. There is the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign at Notre Dame, or Howard’s Rock at Clemson. There are places like the Rose Bowl that are symbols of the rich history of the sport, there are also stadiums that house some of the best teams in the nation, such as “The Swamp”, or “Death Valley”.

My father and I had the opportunity to visit one of these places. Michigan Stadium, better known as the “Big House”. The Big House houses the sports winningest program, as well is the biggest stadium in the country. This stadium is the home of the Michigan Wolverines. The mighty Wolverines have a rich history of winning, but a coaching carousel that has been going on ever since the legendary Lloyd Carr has them lost in losing ways previously unknown. They needed to find their man, a true “Michigan Man”. What The Team needed was a coach that stood for 3 things… Winning, Beating OSU, and using a fullback and tight ends (Coach Bo required that one).

If you have been following college football for the past 9 months you may have heard Michigan has a new head football coach. Some Jim Harbaugh guy has the pressure and responsibility to bring back his alma mater to the glory they had achieved when he was the star Quarterback in the 80’s. This means he has to wage a recruiting war against arch rival and powerhouse Ohio State, and take back the state from the Spartans from East Lansing. A goal that most coaches don’t have the guts to take on.

As skeptical as many may be of Coach Harbaugh, he has already won over the fans. The loudest cheer wasn’t for any touchdown, tackle, or kick, but the 108,000 inside the Big House went wild when they heard the name of the coach that was sent by Bo up above to lead the Wolverines out of the rut they are in.

Now more than ever Michigan fans have a reason to cheer. Our team is playing Michigan football with a Michigan Man at the helm. Every fall Saturday there are millions of eyes on Ann Arbor, waiting to see what the boys in the winged helmet can pull off. The recruits are coming, just like the wins will. No longer do fans have to expect mediocrity, but only accept excellence. For once in a long time we can all finally say… “Who’s Got It Better Than Us”!!! Go Blue!!!

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Photo credit: Eric Upchurch/MGoBlog