The FishVlog : Episode 3 – Post-Minnesota

Photo Credit: Bryan Fuller/MGoBlog

What. A. Game. Michigan had 2 storylines after the Minnesota game:

  1. The Higdon & Evans two-headed monster.
  2. Khaleke Hudson has arrived.

All you need to really mention are those two points and you have the Minnesota game summed up pretty well. In this episode of The FishVlog, I talk about all things from the Minnesota game, including the offense, defense, and horrible announcing. I talk about the offense moving forward past the Minnesota game and how I think they’ll progress. Finally, I touch on the College Football Playoff Rankings, where Michigan was left off for the likes of Northwestern.

Check out the video below:

Here are the timestamps for each of those topics if you want to skip around:

  1. Recap – Offense – 0:33
  2. Recap – Defense – 3:05
  3. The Future of the Offense – 7:18
  4. CFP Rankings – 8:31

Let me know your thoughts and concerns about Michigan football in the comments. Go blue and beat Maryland!

Stephen Osentoski