The FishVlog : Episode 1

I could NOT for the life of me bring myself to analyze the Michigan-Penn State game this week. I knew I would find a lot of things to analyze, but overall, I felt like watching that game twice was enough.

Instead, I decided to try something new! It’s something I’ve always wanted to try out and finally put together a vlog to rant about various topics regarding Michigan football. In this first episode, I talk about 4 things:

  1. O’Korn vs. Peters
  2. OL Roster / Recruiting
  3. Defense – Safeties, McCray on Barkley, Don Brown
  4. Fan / Media Reaction

Check out the full video below:

This is still an extremely new series, so any comments you guys may have moving forward will definitely prove to be helpful. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Stephen Osentoski