Team 136 Game Recap: 5 Takeaways from the Indiana Thriller

Michigan 48 – Indiana 41 

Michigan was not their normal selves against Indiana on Saturday. The defense was being gashed on nearly every single drive while Jake Rudock and the passing game put on a show. And thanks to the injured defense struggling against the Hoosiers and Rudock and Chesson’s heroics, it went into overtime. That’s where Rudock dropped a dime to Amara Darboh and Delano Hill made a great pass break up and Michigan moved to 8-2 on the season. 

1. The receiving core is REALLY good 

Butt/Chesson/Darboh combined for 25 catches, 400 yards and six touchdowns. Jake Rudock has taken a liking to these three pass catchers and we can see why. They are reliable, athletic, and smart, sprinkle in some Jabrill Peppers in the mix and defenses will have a big problem figuring out where the ball is going.

2. Injuries and fatigue made this a closer game

The impact of not having Ryan Glasgow on the defensive line was felt yesterday. With Indiana running their up-tempo offense, this was the game where Michigan needed their full arsenal of players. Glasgow missed Saturday’s game and could be lost for the season. The Wolverines will plug and play but know that Glasgow was a huge part of their plan, especially after losing Bryan Mone before the season even started. Indiana gained a season high 307 yards rushing

3. The special teams cannot play this way and expect to win out

This is the second week in a row that Michigan has given up big plays on special teams. Against Indiana, it was a huge punt return that put them right back in the game. At this point in the season, coaches may be scaling back the unneeded tackling in practice to keep players healthy. On kickoff and punt coverage, players are running down the field and it looks like they don’t want to make a play- could it be because it’s the way they have been practicing lately? Potentially.

4. Harbaugh has changed the attitude of the players

Last year, Michigan would have lost this game- no doubt about it. Harbaugh has his guys believing they can win close games and that’s a must to be a great program.  The past two weeks are a testament of the way Harbaugh coaches and what he expects from his players.  Play until the end, or don’t play at all.  Some players are noticing this and will have to make a decision on if they want to stick it out under the Harbaugh regime.

5. Jake Rudock has the ability

Even though Rudock played his best against the poorest pass defenses in the Big Ten the last two weeks, this is the confidence he needs to finish out the season on a high note. Penn State and Ohio State are the next test for the Wolverines and Rudock needs all the positive vibes he can get. Indiana could not stop Rudock, as he threw for 446 yards. Though Ohio State may have something to say about that in two weeks. 

Photo Credit:

Emmitt Jenkins