Team 136 Game Recap: Michigan Dominates BYU

Michigan 31 – BYU

So, Michigan is good. After a 31-0 whipping of #22 BYU, it’s safe to say Harbaugh has been holding a few things back. The Wolverines scored all of their points in the first half and then let their feet off the accelerator. A smart decision for a team that needs every advantage possible to beat the heavy hitters down the line.

Rushing Offense vs BYU

De’Veon Smith had another spectacular afternoon.  Averaging 7.8 yards per carry, Smith finished with 125 yards and a touchdown. Those numbers are not shocking.

The surprise was quarterback, Jake Rudock.  Instead of forcing throws, Rudock found running room and took what the defense gave him. Ten runs and two touchdowns later, he was the second leading rusher, finishing with 33 yards.  This is a strong sign that Rudock is more comfortable and seeing the field better.  

The other surprise was Ty Isaac. Running for over 100 yards last week, Isaac got two carries that ended in nine yards.  

Despite taking a lot of the blame for the running game blunders of last season, the O-line is now proving that they are worth watching. The same group is finishing blocks and playing with passion.  They helped the Michigan backs run for 254 yards and three touchdowns.

Passing Offense vs BYU

Rudock finished the game with zero turnovers, his first of the season.  He also made some big plays along the way.  

The biggest being tight end Jake Butt’s 41-yard catch—his only this game. Backup tight end, Khalid Hill, also had a couple grabs. The most memorable was his fancy screenplay that went for 20 yards.  

Amara Darboh led the receivers with four catches for 57 yards and a touchdown.  He also had the catch of the year so far in college football.  Running a fade pattern down the left sideline, Darboh pulled down a tall pass from Rudock with one hand, sending the crowd and his teammates into frenzy.

The offensive line was strong, which gave Rudock plenty of time to make sound decisions.  Things are slowly coming together for the passing game.

Rushing Defense against BYU

FIFTY yards rushing. That’s all the Michigan defense allowed Saturday. Playing from behind almost all of the game, BYU had to go to the air early.

The defensive line continues to shine as Ryan Glasgow led the way with two tackles for loss. Mario Ojemudia made an impressive play, stopping a BYU player for a 14-yard loss.

The line continues to show that they are arguably the strongest and deepest part of the team.

Passing Defense vs BYU

Michigan defensive backs were tough and physical with BYU’s big receivers. Knowing that they had to find an edge, the Wolverine cornerbacks used their speed and quick reflexes to make plays. They saw enough film to be prepared and ready for anything the Cougars sent there way.  

The secondary is playing with a confidence that was unseen the previous seasons. Jourdan Lewis is locking down his side of the field and that gives the Michigan defense more room to be creative. The corner tandem of Channing Stribling and Jeremy Clark have been quite the shocker. Both standing over 6 feet tall, opposing quarterbacks must account for their size when making throws.  

The defensive line forced BYU quarterback, Tanner Mangum, to hurry throws and miss targets all day.  Mangum had his worst day of the year by far, going 12/28 for 55 yards.  

This defense is for real.

Special Team vs BYU

If there was a special team’s player of the game, Ben Gedeon gets the award.  Gedeon was a one man wrecking crew on the kick off team, making three tackles. Running by the Cougar blockers, Gedeon gave BYU tough starting field position all day.  

Game Highlights 

Next Week…

Michigan faces a 2-2 Maryland team that’s coming off a 45-6 loss to West Virginia. The game is set for 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT on the Big Ten Network  

Photo Credit: Melanie Maxwell | The Ann Arbor News