Team 135 Depth Chart Prediction: June 2nd

For August 30th vs App State


– Morris will be the starting quarterback of the future, but not this year. Gardner is a top level quarterback and playmaker if he cuts down on his turnovers. Expect a big year thanks to Nussmeier\’s guidance and play calling.

  1. Devin Gardner #98 (1st Team All-B1G)
  2. Shane Morris #7
  3. Wilton Speight #19
  4. Russell Bellomy #8

Wildcat QB 

– Oh yeah, this is happening. When you have someone as talented and explosive as Jabrill Peppers, you utilize him any way possible.

  1. Jabrill Peppers #5
  2. Dennis Norfleet #23
  3. Justice Hayes #5

Running Back

– This is more like 1A and 1B. Both guys are workhorses but will be even better together as a two headed monster. Nussmeier likes the power run game, so expect to see that a lot.

  1. DeVeon Smith #4 (2nd Team All-B1G)
  2. Derrick Green #27
  3. Ty Isaac #32
  4. Justice Hayes #5

Full Back

– This will be a good competition all year long. Expect to see both guys to get a good amount of reps.

  1. Sione Houma #39
  2. Joey Kerridge #36


– Another new position. This player will open up both the passing and running games thanks to their versatility. Shallman was built for this position.

  1. Wyatt Shallman #33
  2. Khalid Hill #80

Wide Receiver X

– The best player on the offense, Funchess is the only sure-fire receiving weapon. However, the depth is much stronger than in the past 7 years.

  1. Devin Funchess #87 (1st Team All-B1G)
  2. Jehu Chesson #86
  3. Moe Ways #9
  4. Jaron Dukes #83

Wide Receiver Y

– After a great spring season, Canteen has emerged as the new darling of the offense. His quick feet, precise routes, lightning speed and reliable hands will make him one of Gardner\’s favorite targets in no time. Expect to see plenty of Darboh as well.

  1. Freddy Canteen #17 (All-B1G Freshmen Team)
  2. Amara Darboh #82
  3. Csont\’e York #81
  4. Drake Harris #14*

Wide Receiver Z

– This spot may not get as much playing time as the other receiver spot, but it will still be highlighted. The quickness of these receivers will give Gardner a quick hit and reverse option.

  1. Dennis Norfleet #23
  2. Da\’Mario Jones #10
  3. Bo Dever #3
  4. Jack Wangler #16

Tight End

-Though the top two roster tight ends are not on the list, this is still a decent group. Heitzman is moving over from the d-line (played tight end in high school) and Williams is a blocking specialist. Until Butt gets back, look for Hill and Bunting to get some time as well.

  1. AJ Williams #84
  2. Keith Heitzman #92
  3. Khalid Hill #80
  4. Ian Bunting #85

Offensive Line

– The biggest question mark going into the season. The O-Line is very young and inexperienced but full of talent. With Nussmeier bringing in his new offense, which includes a much simpler blocking scheme, the line should be very much improved in it\’s weakest spot, the run game. I don\’t think there will be too much shock with the starters, unless Cole or Dawson beat out Magnuson or Braden in camp.

  1. Erik Magnuson #78
  2. Kyle Bosch #65
  3. Graham Glasgow #61
  4. Kyle Kalis #67 (2nd Team All-B1G)
  5. Ben Braden #71
  6. Mason Cole #52
  7. David Dawson #55
  8. Patrick Kugler #57
  9. Joey Burzynski #56
  10. Logan Tuley-Tillman #72


Defensive Tackle

– With the talent and depth on the defensive line, there will be a lot of substitutions. Wormley will start but expect to see Hurst, Strobel and Godin a lot, especially on running downs.

  1. Chris Wormley #43 (2nd Team All-B1G)
  2. Maurice Hurst #73
  3. Tom Strobel #50
  4. Matt Godin #99

Nose Tackle

– This will be a battle during camp as Henry and Pipkins will slug it out for the starting reps, but expect both to play a ton along with Mone and Glasgow getting in reps when needed.

  1. Willie Henry #69
  2. Ondre Pipkins #56
  3. Bryan Mone #90
  4. Ryan Glasgow #96

Defensive End

– Another spot that needs to improve and be consistent, defensive end has a talented depth chart that needed experience. They got that last year, and with the depth, expect this position to improve greatly. In camp the main battle will be at strong side end where Taco Charlton and Brennan Beyer will be going after the starting reps. Don\’t be surprised if freshmen Lawrence Marshall becomes a impact depth player.

  1. Frank Clark #57 (1st Team All-B1G)
  2. Taco Charlton #33 (Honorable Mention All-B1G)
  3. Mario Ojemudia #53
  4. Brennen Beyer #97
  5. Lawrence Marshall #92
  6. Henry Poggi #7

WILL Linebacker

– As of right now, Morgan is penciled in to start on the weakside but I think Gedeon and Bolden are legitimate threats to land the starting job. With youngsters behind them, it will be a 3-man battle all throughout camp and the season.

  1. Ben Gedeon #42
  2. Desmond Morgan #48
  3. Michael Ferns #51
  4. Jared Wangler #46

MIKE Linebacker

– With the move of Jake Ryan, this is now the most sure spot on the defense. Ryan is a stud playmaker that will have the chance to make even more plays in the middle of the defense. And the depth is great here with Joe Bolden and the up and coming Mike McCray.

  1. Jake Ryan #47 (1st Team All-B1G)
  2. Joe Bolden #35
  3. Mike McCray #9
  4. Noah Furbush #59

SAM Linebacker

– The new look SAM linebacker will be a more athletic backer that can cover. That is why JR3 was the perfect fit. His speed and tackling ability will make hit an impact player like predicted last year. But he\’ll have to watch out for Jenkins-Stone who I think will be one of the biggest impact players for the year.

  1. James Ross III #15
  2. Royce Jenkins-Stone #52
  3. Allen Gant #12
  4. Chase Winovich #58

Boundary Cornerback

– The depth at corner is great which means there will be a lot of competition, especially on the boundary between the senior and the freshmen. Taylor has the experience but Peppers is the better athlete. I think Taylor will start to begin but Peppers will start at one corner spot by the end of the year. Also, look out for solid play from Richardson.

  1. Raymon Taylor #6
  2. Jabrill Peppers #5
  3. Terry Richardson #13

Field Cornerback

– The newest star of the defense, Jourdan Lewis was burned as a freshmen but shined in the 2014 spring game. His athleticism and ability to cover gives Mattison the chance to have him man-to-man to help out the rest of the defense. Watch out for Stribling as well. He\’ll get a lot of PT when the defense matches up against taller receivers.

  1. Jourdan Lewis #26 (2nd Team All-B1G)
  2. Channing Stribling #8
  3. Delonte Hollowell #24

Nickel Cornerback

– One position without many questions marks, the talent here is unreal but Blake Countess is a perfect fit on the inside thanks to his quickness and vision to make big plays (5 interceptions in 2013). When he slides outside or needs a break, Peppers and Thomas will also see time thanks to their speed.

  1. Blake Countess #18 (1st Team All-B1G)
  2. Jabrill Peppers #5
  3. Dymonte Thomas #25

Free Safety

– The one spot in the secondary that really isn\’t a competition, Wilson is the for sure free safety. And in 2013, I think he will take a huge step forward with his play. Behind him, Clark is a player that has all the physical traits but just needs more playing time to put it all together.

  1. Jarrod Wilson #22 (Honorable Mention All-B1G)
  2. Jeremy Clark #34
  3. Brandon Watson #28

Strong Safety

– In a bit of a surprise, I think Delano Hill will beat out Dymonte Thomas to start the season at strong safety. Hill has the size and speed to be a force in centerfield. Until the position is locked down, expect to see Hill, Thomas and Clark get plenty of opportunities.

  1. Delano Hill #44
  2. Dymonte Thomas #25
  3. Jeremy Clark #34

Special Teams


– Wile should be better as a place kicker after being the #1 guy throughout the spring and camp.

  1. Matt Wile #45
  2. Kyle Seychel #46


– The return of Hagerup is huge for the team because he is one of the best punters in the country. But if something happens, Wile and Allen are both legit players.

  1. Will Hagerup #40 (1st Team All-B1G)
  2. Matt Wile #45
  3. Kenny Allen #91

Long Snapper

– Remember how made people were when they offered a long snapper? Looks like a good idea now.

  1. Scott Sypniewski #43

Punt Returner

– Where Peppers will make his first highlight reel plays, the return game is in great shape. His size and elusiveness makes him a threat to take it to the house almost every time.

  1. Jabrill Peppers #5 (2nd Team All-B1G)
  2. Dennis Norfleet #23

Kick Returner

– Norfleet was the top kick returner in 2013 and will likely be the best in 2014, as well. With another year of development, I think this is the year he breaks one to the house.

  1. Dennis Norfleet #23 (1st Team All-B1G)
  2. Jabrill Peppers #5

Two Deep


QB: Gardner (Morris)

RB: Smith (Green)

FB: Houma (Kerridge)

HB: Shallman (Hill)

WRX: Funchess (Chesson)

WRY: Canteen (Darboh)

WRX: Norfleet (Jones)

TE: Butt Williams (Heitzman)

LT: Magnuson (Cole)

LG: Bosch (Dawson)

C: Glasgow (Kugler)

RG: Kalis (Burzynski)

RT: Braden (Tuley-Tillman)


DE: Clark (Ojemudia)

DT: Wormley (Hurst)

NT: Henry (Pipkins)

DE: Charlton (Beyer)

WSLB: Morgan (Gedeon)

MLB: Ryan (Bolden)

SSLB: Ross III (Jenkins-Stone)

FCB: Taylor (Peppers)

BCB: Lewis (Stribling)

NCB: Countess (Peppers)

FS: Wilson (Clark)

SS: Hill (Thomas)

Garrett Fishaw