Scouting Report: Winchester ATH Kiante Enis

In a new feature, Bryan Ault from National Preps and IndyScout will be doing scouting reports for the Michigan’s Indiana recruits and targets. Here is the report on one of the top athletes in the Midwest and current Wolverines commit:

  • Name: Kiante Enis
  • Position: Running Back
  • School: Winchester High School
  • College: Michigan
  • Grade: 1

Strengths: High impact player – easily the best player on his high school team. Runs with great balance, vision and burst. Low pad level – runs through contact, consistently spinning off would-be tacklers and exhibiting a strong stiff arm. Exhibits patience to follow blocks. Can make defenders miss, work on his own at the 2nd level, and exhibits great top-end speed when he finds a crease. Likes contact and consistently finishes forward. Has proven to be an effective receiver out of the backfield. Is very versatile – has taken direct snaps out of the gun, plays at safety, and has contributed on special teams as a return man. Good size, bulk, and strength.  Off-the-charts production – had 3,189 all-purpose yards as a junior.

Weaknesses: More like concerns – plays in a very weak conference and was shut down last year in a regional game vs. Shenandoah (26 carries, 64 yards); would still thrive in an upper-level program. Holds the ball low and away from his body at times instead of high and tight. Runs in an offense with slow-developing runs whereas college will require him to be more decisive.


Summary: People knock Enis for the level of competition he faces in high school; he is still a very strong football player who belongs in upper-level college football, and he would still thrive on a 6A team.  His vision, burst, and balance will carry over to Michigan, where he should make an impact in his college career.

You can find Bryan on Twitter at @INFootballScout. Make sure to check out his blog as well,