How Michigan Lands the Top 2016 Recruiting Class

In the 3rd part of the “How Michigan Lands the Top 2016 Recruiting Class” series, I break down what the staff would have to do to reach the top of the recruiting rankings on Scout.

To land 9 more commitments, Michigan would have to see at least 4 more players leave the class through attrition (decommit or grayshirt) and there are four candidates that have been discussed recently. Now, there’s a real chance not all of those players leave the class but to put together the highest ranking, I removed them from the final score.

As for the players that were added, here are the top ranked, realistic recruits that Michigan has at least a “Good” chance at on my scale:

  • Excellent – Expected to Commit
  • Very Good – Top Two/Definitely Possible
  • Good – Real Option
  • Decent – Puncher’s Chance
  • Low – Likely Not happening

Check out who’s included:

  1. DT Rashan Gary
    • 5 star, #1 overall, #1 DT, +300
      • Michigan’s Chances: Very Good to Excellent
  2. TE Isaac Nauta
    • 5 star, #23 overall, #1 TE, +300
      • Michigan’s Chances: Good to Very Good
  3. OT Jean Delance
    • 4 star, #63 overall, #5 OT, +215
      • Michigan’s Chances: Very Good
  4. CB David Long
    • 4 star, #65 overall, #6 CB, +214
      • Michigan’s Chances: Very Good
  5. LB Dontavious Jackson 
    • 4 star, #77 overall, #4 ILB, +216
      • Michigan’s Chances: Good
  6. DE Levi Onwuzurike
    • 4 star, #88 overall, #13 DE, +207
      • Michigan’s Chances: Very Good
  7. CB Lavert Hill
    • 4 star, #101 overall, #7 CB, +213
      • Michigan’s Chances: Excellent
  8. ATH Jordan Fuller
    • 4 star, #126 overall, #10 CB, +210
      • Michigan’s Chances: Good
  9. WR Dylan Crawford
    • 4 star, #131 overall, #24 WR, +196
      • Michigan’s Chances: Excellent

Final Score: 4,866 (+1,772)

The Scout rankings formula only counts the top 25 rated players in the class so in this scenario Josh Metellus, Kingston Davis and Antwaine Richardson were not included in the total.

Doing the math, this score would have given UM the 2nd ranked class in 2015, 2014 and 2012 while giving it the #1 class in 2011. In each of the years they would have come in 2nd, there was a class (USC or Alabama) that had historically great hauls so, with this score, it’s very possible Michigan has Scout’s #1 class on NSD.

Chances of that Exact Class Happening: Decent

Photo Credit: Oregon Live/ Dontavious Jackson

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