Ruiz Looking to Play College Ball with Camden Teammates

Outside of Graham Glasgow, Michigan is very questionable at the center position when looking beyond 2015. But help could be on the way in the not-so-distant future.

Cesar Ruiz is the #1 center in the class, according to 247Sports, and is good friends and teammates with top 2016 targets WR Brad Hawkins and DE Ron Johnson.

With the two looking like very realistic additions to the 2016 class after their spring visit, I figured Ruiz could be feeling the same. So, I asked him about it.

“I know Michigan has a great history, and (I’m) not sure if their decision will affect mine, I’ll have to wait and see”, Ruiz said about the possible affect a Hawkins or Johnson commitment would have on his recruitment.

As far as how much he talks with his teammates about playing in college together, he said “yeah all (the) time, however, those are just thoughts we will have to let the future determine that”.

While he also said that he has yet to hear much of anything from the Wolverines staff, he told me he plans on taking things slow. If the staff heavily targets Ruiz, I believe they’ll have a very good shot at landing him.