Recruits React to the Harbaugh Hire

Jim Harbaugh is the new head coach at the University of Michigan and it has the fan base, nation, and just about every recruit\’s attention. Check out some of the top 2016 and 2017 recruiting targets\’ reactions to the hire:

2016 WR Emmanuel Rugamba: \”I think it\’s a great hire and it really turns the program back on track with recruiting\”

2016 LB Noah Burks: \”I love the hire, such a great coach, and is definitely a game changer in the recruiting process! extremely happy that he\’s there and would Love to play for him\”

2016 DT Christian Colon: \”Attracts tons of attention just look at how he reversed SF in 1 year, he\’s about to snatch a lot of ppls recruits. Don\’t sleep michigan is going to be right back on top. He\’s going to get his players NFL ready and fast\”

2016 TE Nasier Upshur: \”Opens back up my recruitment with Michigan . making me more interested in them\”

2016 S Tru Wilson: \”It\’s definitely gonna bring a lot of attention to Michigan as he\’s coming from a very good NFL team. He\’s a great coach that\’s gonna do big things for the program. This was a good decision to go and get him by michigan\”

2016 ATH Dorian Maddox: \”it seems to hold a great future for michigan because bringin back a former player to coach the team will create a great winning atmosphere\”

2016 CB Treyjohn Butler: \”Very intriguing, Coach Harbaugh is a highly respectable coach in the game of football. Michigan\’s future is looking very bright with this change\”

2016 RB Robert Washington: \”That is a huge hire. I think Michigan finally got the coach that will bring them back to a national powerhouse\”

2016 LB Caleb Kelly: \”I\’d like to meet him and see what he does with that team next year!\”

2016 TE Devante Brooks: \”It\’s gonna be fun to see where he takes the program. He\’s been successful wherever he went.\”

2016 WR Dylan Crawford: \”Michigan has always been a top contender. Kj (Costello) and I have already talked about another visit.\”

2016 LB Ali\’i Niumatalolo: \”Well I think it\’s awesome! It\’s sparking new life into what once was a great program that had died off in recent years\”

2016 LB Daelin Hayes: \”I wouldn\’t turn a deaf ear to UM with Harbaugh as head coach\”

2016 WR Steven Smothers: \”that\’s a great hire ! now kids will love to play him an he know what\’s it takes to get to the next level first hand !\”

In terms of if it effects Michigan\’s standing in his recruitment: \”yes because by them hiring him I know they\’ll be heading in the right direction again soon !\”

2016 QB KJ Costello: \”I Believe he can turn that program around in one year\”

In terms of if it increases his interest in Michigan: \”Absolutely\”

2017 LB/DE Corey Malone-Hatcher\’s Father: \”I think the Hire if Harbaugh is a home run. Before the Harbaugh rumors, we\’d always here \”U guys shouldnt consider Michigan! They\’re a Mess\”. Once the rumors started, the chirping from friends associated with other schools stopped completely. That told me that everyone view michigan as a threat for recruits and they know the giant is awakening.\”

On Corey\’s feeling: \”He was excited. He has liked Michigan but didn\’t like the losing. Now the buzz of Harbaugh has him feeling like they will be winning again. Michigan\’s 16 class will be a nice size. The 17 class will be huge. That could be a special class if things go right. So … He watching\”

2017 WR Donovan Parker: \”Well, I think it\’s great that Coach Harbaughs coming to Michigan. It\’s gone to bring a lot of attention to the school and I feel like he\’s going to turn the program around\”

2017 RB Eno Benjamin: \”I think that was a great move. Great coach who knows what he\’s doing. I\’m definitely interested!\”

2017 WR/DB Ambry Thomas: \”I think its a great opportunity for Then to get back to being 1 of the top football programs in the Big Ten. We will just have to wait & see\”

2017 QB Kyle Wood: \”I know he cares very much about U of M and that will be great for the team. Harbaugh will attack that job with enthusiasm unknown to mankind\”