Rashan Gary and his Mother Talk Recruiting, Food and Michigan

Everyone and their mother, including Rashan Gary‘s, knows that Michigan is the top candidate to sign the #1 player in the country in the 2016 recruiting class. They’ve put in as much work, if not more, than any other team, have the longest relationship with him and his family (Chris Partridge) and seem like the perfect fit for everything Gary and his mother are looking for in a program and University.

Rashan and his mother, Jennifer Coney, talked to the ESPNU crew at the Under Armour All-American game practices about what they’re looking for in a school and also had a funny story about Jim Harbaugh during his official visit to Ann Arbor:

Great eduction? Check. Great food? Check. Great coaches? Check. At this point, it would be a pretty big shocker to see Gary commit and sign with anyone but Michigan on National Signing Day especially after hearing his mother talk about their recruiting priorities.

Photo Credit: MaxPreps.com