Quick Recap of the Oregon State Recruiting Visit

Michigan started off yesterday a little shaky, which had most thinking “uh oh”. However, the team quickly fixed the issues and Team 136 went on to put on a show defensively and offensively in front of nearly 110,000, including several recruiting targets.

So, what did they think of the game and visit? Here are some quick updates from the recruits on hand:

2016 LB commit David Reese 

“This visit was great. The Energy was in the building I had a great time with a couple of commits. I can see myself flying around like Dez and Ross next year.”

David Reese and Michael Onwenu.

David Reese and Michael Onwenu.

2016 K Alex Kessman

“It was good! I had a lot of fun and could defiantly see myself playing in front of 100,000 people lol”

As for an offer, he said the staff wanted to get to know him first before possibly extending an offer.

2016 ATH Tru Wilson

“We had a guy take us around the facilities, then watched Michigan destroy (Oregon State) haha”

2016 OL Ostell Martin 

“It was great I really enjoyed myself!”

As for how Michigan looked: “The Defense look very sharp in the second half, special teams was really the greatest aspect in my opinion, and they had a great running game on offense”

2016 WR Simeon Smith 


“(The visit was) Great. I loved the atmosphere of 100,000+ fans”.

As for the staff’s interest, he told me they are interested and will be keeping an eye on him.

2017 RB/ATH Allen Stritzinger 

“It was great had a amazing time!”

I was unable to get ahold of some of the other top names that were visiting thanks to a majority of them heading over to East Lansing for Michigan State’s big win over Oregon. But as I’m able to get in touch with visitors, I’ll update the list so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter above so you won’t miss a post.

Photo credit: via Bryan Fuller/MGoBlog

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