Projecting Michigan’s 2016 NFL Draftee Landing Spots

Over the last 7 years, Michigan football has gone through some stuff, to say the least. The program that was normally producing 5+ draft picks each year was averaging less than 3 picks from 2009-2015.

Yeah, not good.

But with the return of Jim Harbaugh and the return of the program, will 2016 be the last year of less than 5 NFL draft picks for the foreseeable future? Hell, I believe there could be 5 picks this year.

Check out my Michigan football 2016 NFL mock draft projections:

Name NFL.comCBSSportsWalterFootballMGoFish
DL Willie Henry 4th Rd, 127 to CHI5th Rd, 156 to BUF3rd Rd, 89 to PIT4th Rd, 103 to JAX
OL Graham Glasgow6th Rd, 199 to CIN5th Rd, 146 to JAX3rd Rd, 96 to NE 4th Rd, 119 to HOU
QB Jake RudockUndraftedUndraftedUndrafted6th Rd, 221 to NE
OLB Mario OjemudiaUndraftedUndraftedUndrafted 7th Rd, 246 to PIT
FB Sione HoumaUndraftedUndraftedUndrafted7th Rd, 252 to CAR

This may be the best case scenario for Michigan’s 2016 NFL Draft but there are also a couple other names to watch at the end of the draft/undrafted free agency, including LB James Ross, LB Desmond Morgan, LB Royce Jenkins-Stone and S Jarrod Wilson.

For the full, CBSSports and WalterFootball mock drafts, follow the attached links. 

Where do you think Michigan’s top 2016 prospects will go in the NFL draft this weekend? Let us know if the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Melanie Maxwell | The Ann Arbor News

Garrett Fishaw