Playboy Names the University of Michigan a Top 10 Party School

Color me shocked. As an avid partier in my college days, I have enjoyed my fair share of Natty 30 racks and dollar pitchers at college campuses in several different states. However, when talking about the best party schools that I’ve been to, the University of Michigan is not at the top.

But Playboy thinks differently as they have named Michigan the #10 party school in the country:

Oh, “the Michigan difference.” The haughty catchphrase works because it’s true: Wolverines study hard and party harder.”

Though I did not attend UM and have yet to make it to most schools I’ve heard great things about, my top three would have to be:

  1. Michigan State
  2. West Virginia
  3. Western Michigan

Michigan would be right behind Western. But if I were able to make it out to some other schools that I’ve heard great things about, I’d likely put Arizona State, Wisconsin and Ole Miss ahead of Michigan as well. And that is not saying anything bad about UM or Ann Arbor.

To excel at partying, you need a pretty boring city and surrounding area. AA is not that. Add in the higher education standards and it’s not the best recipe for an elite party school. But, as a Michigan recruiting blogger, this ranking definitely doesn’t hurt their chances with the recruits looking for nightlife around campus.

Photo Credit: Daniel Brenner/