Peppers to Rock the Woodson Two

The last time Michigan fans witnessed a #2 on the field (besides that rushing attack in EL in 2013) was when Vincent Smith was being demolished by Jadaveon Clowney at the Outback Bowl in 2013. It wasn\’t the best reminder of the legendary number. However, it looks like new memories are ready to be made as super commit Jabrill Peppers will be donning Charles Woodson\’s iconic jersey number.


Some people may think \”doesn\’t he have to earn a legends number\”? And I agree with them. Legends numbers are for the best players that are true Michigan men and represent the number and the University at the highest level.

So, how is a true freshmen that hasn\’t even made his first batch of Ramen Noodles in his dorm being handed the 2nd most wanted number in the program? That answer is unknown but there are plenty of reasons and possibilities why it\’s happening:

  1. Peppers will likely play in all three facets of the game and Justice Hayes, who will be all over the field in 2014 and 2015, is already wearing #5.
  2. Woodson may have given his blessing to Peppers when they met and hung out at the Spring Game.
  3. The coaches think he has shown his passion, knowledge, and commitment to the program already.

The coaches are the ones who issue out the numbers, so it is a little crazy to see them hand out the #2 but at the same time, if they think Peppers can handle wearing the number from the start then I have no issue with it.


So, stop by the M Den, pick up your new #2 jersey and get the popcorn and beer ready, Team 135 just got even more interesting.

Garrett Fishaw