Pay Back With Interest: 2018 Michigan vs. Penn State Highlights

Welp that went about as well as expected. Michigan beat the brakes off of Penn State in front of a sold-out Big House crowd to wrap up the infamous three-game gauntlet. The Wolverines elite defense and power offense were on full display again as the Nittany Lions were suffocated all game long. Michigan led the stat sheet for pretty much every statistic that matters, including outgaining Penn State 403-186, a large portion which was gained at the end of the game. It was total domination and one that left Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown smiling ear to ear while James Franklin was badly outcoached, yet again, as he falls to 0-11 in true toad games vs ranked teams.

Michigan knocked off Penn State 42-7 in front of a sold-out crowd full of recruiting visitors. Enjoy the beatdown with the full game condensed highlights from @parkinggod:

Photo Credit: Bryan Fuller/MGoBlog