Offer from Michigan Would be “Great” for Epstein

Productive, powerful, 1,000 yard running backs are expected in the Harbaugh/Drevno era at Michigan and the perfect fit may be down in Florida at one of Ohio State’s biggest pipeline schools, St. Thomas Aquinas.

Soon to be junior RB Mike Epstein is a throwback style tailback that Coach Fisch and the new staff seem to love. And while it’s still early and the interest has just started to pick up between Michigan and Epstein, I see him as a definite offer in the future.

I spoke to him about his recruitment and interest in the Wolverines:

What are your goals for your junior season?

State championship

How has your recruitment been going so far?

(I have) 6 offers. Alphabetical order: Cincinnati, FAU, Illinois, New Mexico, Temple, UCF.

Are any teams standing out at the moment?

I want to explore all my options.

I know your (2017) QB Jake Allen is interested in Michigan. Are you guys close and have you talked about playing together in college?

Jake is my boy. We haven’t gotten much into about making a decision yet, we are just enjoying the beginning of the process.

I know Coach Fisch has been recruiting you a bit, what are your feelings about him and Michigan with Coach Harbaugh?

Coach Fisch is real cool. I heard Harbaugh is straight business. Interested to see how they do.

What kind of an impact would a Michigan offer have on your recruitment?

A Michigan offer would be a great offer. Would mean a lot to me & definitely something I would look into.

Do you have a timeline for when you’d like to make a decision?

(I) Want to make decision before my senior year.
Epstein also let me know that he doesn’t believe he will attending either satellite camp in Florida. So, if the interest continues to grow, look for Michigan to try and get him to make a trip up to Ann Arbor in the not-so-distant future.

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