Odds to be the final 10 commitments

With the Michigan coaching staff recruiting for 26 players and 16 players already committed to the 2012 class, I have put together my odds on who will be the final 10 player to commit to the class. Notice I did not put a QB in this class because of the lack of interest and lack of offers, also because of the commitment of 2013 QB Shane Morris. I think a QB will walk on similar to how WR Bo Dever has decided to do so.
1. RB Brionte Dunn, 5 Star, Canton, OH (O$U Commit) – With all of the problems happening at O$U and the very good chance that they will have a bowl ban, plus the rumor from a nearby source, there is a 99% chance Dunn will de-commit from O$U. So what are his chances that he joins the Michigan 2012 class? I would say very, very good, especially since he has visited Ann Arbor already, Michigan has a need for a #1 power running back and his cousin, 2013 S/RB and Michigan lean Dymonte Thomas, has said that he has been told where Dunn wants to play but will not announce it. Also the two have said how they would love to play together in college.
Chances he goes Blue: 75%
2.OT Kyle Kalis, 5 Star, Lakewood,OH (O$U De-Commit) – The man has seen the light. At one point, Kalis was one of the biggest buckeye lovers but now because of Tat-gate or whatever they want to call it, Kalis has de-committed from the evil empire and is visiting Michigan this weekend with his friend and big time prospect Chris Wormley.  A decision could come this weekend.
Chances he goes Blue: 95%
3. DE Chris Wormley, 4 Star, Toledo,OH (Uncommitted) – From day one, it has been Michigan or O$U, but with all of the problems hitting the suckeyes, it has helped push Wormley even more towards Ann Arbor. I really do not think this thing is up in the air, it should even be done this weekend. Im GUARAN-SHEEDING this one.
Chances he goes Blue: 100%
4. OT Andrus Peat, 5 Star, Tempe, AZ (Uncommitted) – After a very successful visit, one of the best offensive tackles and best players in the nation is taking his time and visiting a ton of the top programs in the nation. Im not crazy enough to think he will for sure go blue, but the chance is definitely there. By the time he makes his decision its possible there will not be any spots for him, unless he wants to be a Wolverine, in that case I could see Brady \”finding\” another spot.
Chances he goes Blue: 25%
5. OT Jordan Diamond, 5 Star, Chicago, IL (Uncommitted) – Since his teammate, 2011 OL Chris Bryant, committed to Michigan\’s last recruiting class, Diamond has been a Michigan lean. I actually thought that he would have committed by now, especially with how many times he has visited Ann Arbor. I think if Kalis commits this weekend, Diamond will be making a decision much sooner.
Chances he goes Blue: 95%
6. DT Ondre Pipkins, 4 Star, Kansas City, MO (Uncommitted) – An absolute beast, that has been dominating every camp he goes too. Pipkins is originally from Saginaw and grew up a Michigan fan. If you follow him on Twitter, it seems like its going to be Michigan all the way. This would be a huge loss if we don\’t land him.
Chances he goes Blue: 85%
7. DT Danny O\’Brien, 4 Star, Flint, MI (Uncommitted) – For a long time O\’Brien had Tennessee as his leader, but during a visit to Michigan this past weekend, he said that he did not have a leader anymore and he was receiving the full court press by the Michigan coaching staff. This happened even harder because of his dominating performance at the camp. I think he will fit perfectly in Mattison\’s defense, but he may want to get out of Michigan.
Chances he goes Blue: 60%
8. DE Aldophus Washington, 5 Star, Cincinnati, OH (Uncommitted) – A freak athlete, and one of the best defense ends in Ohio and in the entire country. Washington was considered a lock to go to O$U, but once again, thanks to all the problems, Michigan is now considered the leader by a couple recruiting analysts. The best thing for Michigan is that he wants to go to school with his teammate, 4 star WR Dwayne Stanford, and he is a big Blue fan.
Chances he goes Blue: 70%
9. WR Dwayne Stanford, 4 Star, Cincinnati, OH (Uncommitted) – Stanford looks just like a \”Michigan Star Receiver\” is supposed to look like. He is a big receiver that can go up and get the ball, and is a game changer. His favorite player is Michigan Alum Braylon Edwards and expressed his interest in going to Michigan. I like the chances here. Would be higher, but I don\’t think Aldophus is as high on Michigan as he is.
Chances he goes Blue: 75%
10. WR Aaron Burbridge, 4 Star, Farmington Hills, MI (Uncommitted) – Coming into this recruiting year, everyone thought Burbridge would be going to MSU, but after his visit to Michigan it looks and seems like he may have Michigan as his leader. The big thing that is separating him from joining this class are his grades, so if he gets those up then I expect him to join this class, especially since we need WR\’s in this class.
Chances he goes Blue: 75%
11. FS Jarrod Wilson, 4 Star, Akron, OH (Uncommitted) – A play making safety that can come in and compete for a starting spot immediately. Wilson is down to Michigan, ND and PSU. Michigan has a great shot here especially because of the need at the position.

Chances he goes Blue: 70%