Now That’s What I Call the Top 10 Michigan Football Hype Videos

Hype videos. They have become the #1 reason I use YouTube and the #1 thing I turn to when I get that itch for Michigan football throughout the year. But, like I said in yesterday’s post, we’re right in the thick of fall camp which means the hype video views are at an all time high and the latest may be one of the best ever.

That is what got @BrendanTweets thinking:

To that I say, “good idea”.

So, here are the 10 best Michigan football hype videos that I could find. Make sure to add your favorites in the comment section below:

1. Michigan vs. Notre Dame 2011 “Under the Lights” Trailer 

2. Michigan Wolverines Football 2015 

3. 2012 Michigan Football Hype Video Fergodsakes 

4. 2011 Michigan Hype Video 

5. Jim Harbaugh is Coming Home 

6. It’s Coming

7. Michigan Football – All of the Lights 

8. 2013 Michigan Football Hype Video 

9. Michigan Football Hype Show 2015: The Return 

10. Michigan Football Pump Up Hype 2012

Garrett Fishaw