New Michigan Man!: 5 Star OT Kyle Kalis

Another great day to be a Wolverine, Michigan has picked up its 19th commitment and #6 offensive tackle in the nation, 5 Star Kyle Kalis. Not only is it great that he is a top player but its great because he BURNED O$U by de-committing from them and joining the 2012 Michigan class.

Big Dog Kyle Kalis

This is another Ginormous, Huge, Mega, Super, Big, (Insert another word for large here) pick up for Michigan. Not only is it amazing that he is an O$U de-commit and this is killing the Bucknut faithful, but also because this kid is an absolute stud of a prospect and a monster of a human being. As for his position, being 6\’5\’\’ 300+ pounds in high school means that he could be even bigger by the time he is in Ann Arbor. Kalis will most likely be a right tackle at the next level but I could also see him slide inside because in his tape, he has a great ability to pull and slide along the line and with the possibility of Michigan landing another top OT, they could set it up to be an All-American O-Line.

Per Scout: Kalis is a tough, strong lineman who dominates consistently. He plays the game hard and is an excellent run blocker and drive blocker. He plays with good leverage and finishes his blocks strong. He shows the ability to pull and lead, and is coordinated and athletic in the open field. He has good feet all around, which is also evident in pass pro. If there\’s a knock, it\’s that he may not be long enough for left tackle. – Trieu

As for the rest of the class: Since Kalis is a top prospect in Ohio and the nation, he will be able to talk to the top players he knows. Also this is another spot down for the class and offensive line, so who knows who he could pull in to the Michigan class, Brionte Dunn maybe?!?

Offers: Michigan, Alabama, Auburn, Cal, Cincy, Clemson, Florida, Iowa, LSU, Miami, MSU, Nebraska, O$U, Notre Dame, Penn State, Pitt, Wisconsin, Basically any school that has ever played college football.

Scout: (5 Star) Rivals: (4 Star) ESPN: (4 Star/80 overall) 247 Sports: (4 star/96 rating)

Kalis highlights.