New Michigan Man!: 5 Star DT Ondre Pipkins

Michigan has landed another recruit today, making it 22 for the class of 2012 before the college/high school seasons have even begun. Once again, Brady Hoke and Co. have landed a BIG recruit, 4 star defensive tackle Ondre Pipkins.

Brady Hoke does it again. Michigan pulls off another Huge recruit. Pipkins has been favored to go to Michigan for a long time now, he showed interest early and is actually originally from the Saginaw area. Also, he had other things helping him lean towards going Blue, like the fact that his favorite player is Michigan Alum Lamarr Woodley, in fact he has expressed his interest in wearing #56 at Michigan, and also with the Wolverines switching into a more pro style defense and DC Greg Mattison taking over the defense, Pipkins fits the Haloti Ngata roll in a Ravens-esk defensive front.

Ondre is a big recruit and an even bigger person, at 6\’3\’\’ 325lbs, he is the perfect fit for a nose tackle (NT) or an unfair defensive tackle (DT) in the Michigan defense. He has a great skill set and amazing athletic ability for his size, which he put on display at the O$U summer camp. I would call him a highschool version of Vince Woolfork of the Patriots. Could be an absolute stud and should make an impact right away, as in his freshmen year.

Per Sam Webb (Recruiting Guru)
\”Pipkins is a big-bodied space-eater that can command double teams, but he\’s quick enough and light enough on his feet to penetrate and disrupt,\” said Trieu. \”Once he learns to really use his hands and consistently play under people, he\’s going to be an even tougher guy to move and block. Right now he\’s rated the No. 16 defensive tackle nationally, but he does have a chance to move up higher. Big kids like him that are 320 pounds and move the way he does are very rare.\”

As for the Rest of the Class
This is the 22nd person to verbally commit to the class, and everyone except one seems rock solid (T-Rich). So, with that in mind, Michigan only has 4 spots left, or that they are recruiting for. Now im not a coach or in the program but I feel like if they HAVE too, they can find another spot or two. But with Stonum getting redshirted this season and returning next year, that could take up at least one WR spot in the 2012 class. All in all, I expect DT Danny O\’Brien to commit next, followed by RB Brionte Dunn (since O$U\’s sanctions will happen this month), then I could see Michigan either take a back seat until the all-star games and wait for any 2-3 of the elite prospects like CB Yuri Wright, CB Armani Reeves, WR Dwayne Stanford, DE Aldophus Washington, OT Jordan Diamond, OT Zach Banner, OG Joshua Garnett or any other WR prospect.

Scout: (4 star) Rivals: (4 star) ESPN: (3 star, 78 overall) 247 Sports: (4 star, 94 overall)

Offers: MICHIGAN, Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, MSU, Missouri, O$U, Oklahoma and Tennessee

Pipkins Highlights