New Michigan Man!: 4* RB Deveon Smith

Welp, looks like Hoke-A-Mania is still on fire as Michigan has added yet another commitment to the class of 2013 (aka Team 134) in 4 star running back, Deveon Smith!!


Growing up a Michigan fan in Ohio, Deveon Smith has always had the dream to wear the maize and blue. On St. Patrick\’s Day, during his Spring visit, he made that dream come true with his commitment.

Smith is the traditional, power/agile running back (5\’11\’\’ 210lbs) that us Michigan fans have grown accustomed too. He has no problem running people over on his way to the house, which will help the transition into the Power I formation and pro style.

As For the Rest of the Class: 
This is the 16th commitment for the class (which should end up around 22-24). This means, for you math majors reading along, there are 6-8 spots left in the class. As for the position, despite the rumors being thrown around, Michigan is not completely done recruiting running backs (thanks to Sam Webb via Scout for that). If Ty Isaac (Nations #1 RB) is looking to commit, im sure they will bring him in. Both Smith and Isaac have broken the rumors that said they wanted to be the only big time backs in the class. They both enjoy competition and are open to it. So, don\’t think that Isaac is gone because of this commitment.

Also, this is a great pick up for Hoke because he has once again pulled in a top Ohio prospect (according to BuckNuts). Smith is the #1 RB and #3 overall, S Dymonte Thomas is the #1 DB and #2 overall, TE Jake Butt is the #1 TE, DL Taco Charlton is the #1 DE, and LB Mike McCray is the #2 LB.

Rankings: Warning: Is underrated by Rivals and 247, but should be highly ranked when they are re-released

Scout (4*, #7 RB) – Rivals (NR) – ESPN (150 Watch List) – 247 (3*,89 Overall)

Image via 247 Sports

Garrett Fishaw