New Michigan Man!: \’12 FS Jeremy Clark

This morning I just found out that KY FS Jeremy Clark has committed to Michigan! 

This is different though, because Clark has agreed to come in as a gray shirt recruit. What is that you may ask, I don\’t know but here is the description from Recruiting 101:

\”If you decided to grayshirt, what you would do that first semester would be go to a local Junior College and attend classes. The reason you may go to a JC near home is to save money over another, more expensive school. What you would have to do is make sure that you are not taking a full load. If a full load of classes is considering 12 class hours, you would just need to make sure you are taking less than that. As a grayshirt, you would not get to practice with the team, workout with the team, or even eat at team meals. During the first semester, you are not a part of the team.

The reason that you cannot do that stuff is because you want your full time status to start during the second semester. Instead of just being thrown into the wolves during the summer, you can participate in spring practice, get used to classes, and then possibly be able to play in the fall.\”

Got that? Basically gray shirting lets Jeremy Clark come to Michigan, pay his own way for a semester in 2012 and then be a red shirt freshmen in spring 2013.


This is a great pickup for the Wolverines, because this kid is on the up and up in the recruiting fields, he recently grew 4 inches so a lot of scouts have not seen that size so that is why he is not ranked as high. But after great showings at the OSU and Michigan camps, expect him to go up a star or two.Clark has the size to put on good weight and muscle, and he has the ball skills to really impact this team in the long run.

The whole thing is hanging on FS Jarrod Wilson, says Clark. He said that if Wilson commits to Michigan in the upcoming days, the he will take the gray shirt and count against the 2013 class, but if Wilson commits elsewhere then Clark will be apart of the 2012 class.

Jeremy Clark highlights.