New MGoFish Contributor: Stephen Osentoski

My main goal for MGoFish is to give¬†the best Michigan recruiting coverage and entertainment possible. We already have the top graphic designer in the business (Brandon Whitaker) but was missing the video side of things. Well, that’s been fixed as I’ve brought on a new video specialist. Meet Stephen:

Hi everybody! I’m Stephen Osentoski and I was really excited when Garrett reached out to me to potentially join the team. I’m going to be creating some videos for the site with the hope that it’ll help grow the MGoFish name. I’ve created two for this season: A preseason video titled “Homecoming” and a video before the OSU game titled “Michigan Again“. I’ve been a big fan of the content MGoFish has produced and am excited to now be a contributor.

A little bit about my background: I grew up in Monroe, Michigan and was a Michigan fan from birth. It wasn’t until high school that I really got into Michigan football and began following it closely. I followed my sister and brother to the University of Michigan, getting a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering this past May. Now in Chicago, I’m a Software Engineer at Razorfish by day and a UofM fanatic by night. I casually got into video editing during my freshman year of college, but only recently put some serious work into videos for this season. While I don’t have a ton of experience with special effects, I tend to focus on detailed song, audio, and video synchronization for my videos to create a dramatic and interesting narrative.

As far as my future plans for MGoFish, I’m planning on creating about 4 “full” length videos per season, similar to the ones I linked above. I may delve into creative videos for other games, events, etc. Additionally, Garrett has suggested a video right after NSD with some highlights of the signees, which sounds pretty interesting. I’ll be working on that one right away. If any of you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I’d be happy to answer them and am always open to new ideas for videos. Looking forward to meeting and working with you all!

Check out some Stephen’s top videos:

Photo Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Osentoski