New MGoFish Contributor: Bill Getschman

Looking to expand the site even more and provide the best Michigan coverage on the internet, I have decided to bring on a new Michigan baseball and recruiting contributor. Meet Bill:

Hello MGoFishermen! My name is Bill Getschman, and I am the newest addition to the MGoFish team. I graduated from Hope College, a tiny little school on the coast of Lake Michigan, in 2014, where I majored in English and History. For the first three years of my collegiate career, I thought I was going to be a teacher and made a massive career switch in October of my senior year after an internship at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Rather than spend more time and money at school, I graduated with an English degree and pursued a career in the sports world. I spent a year working for the West Michigan Whitecaps and now am coming up on my first year anniversary of work with the Lansing Lugnuts, the Toronto Blue Jays single-A affiliate.

Most, if not all, of my writing has been about baseball on my independent blog “The Billpen,” so I will be contributing here with Michigan baseball as well as other major recruiting notes in other Michigan athletics. I love to write and I love Michigan, so why not combine the two?

The University of Michigan runs deep in my family blood. Countless family members have attended the school, and while I was not a graduate myself, I grew up with Michigan football. Nearly every Saturday from before I could walk to graduating high school, Grandpa, Dad, and I would pack up his old maroon Buick, make the hour trip in the early morning sun and step out of the car to sticky summer afternoons, crisp fall winds, and even the occasional rain storm. We would make the walk from the neighborhoods of Ann Arbor to the Big House, with thousands of other fans dressed in maize and blue, chattering excitedly about the opponent, players, recruits, and anything else Michigan related. Some of my finest childhood memories take place at the Big House and its surrounding grounds, even when I went in 2008 to see one of Michigan’s three wins against Miami of Ohio. Michigan football is a Getschman tradition as much as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

I’m excited to be here and share my love for sport via the written word with all of you. A few more things about me, because I am a fascinating man: craft beer nerd, cinephile, Oreo enthusiast, future retiree. Thanks for reading.


Bill Getschman