National Signing Day 2015: Michigan Primer

Happy National Signing Day Eve, everyone!

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the year for college football recruiting and Michigan will be one of the busiest programs in the country, in terms of being finalists for multiple recruits. And as each and every hour passes today, another positive or negative rumor comes out about each guy. So, my advice: stay calm and buckle up.

Check out the Announcement times for Chris Clark, Roquan Smith and Iman Marshall

Predictions on the Top Targets (Warning: I\’m a very optimistic person) 

  1. RB Mike Weber

    • Currently: Committed to Ohio State
    • Where he signs: Michigan
    • Why: Though there are rumors of him staying with the Buckeyes, the former commit has yet to come out and say that he is sticking with OSU. Add in his lifelong fanhood of the Wolverines and his recent activity on Twitter and things are starting to look good for Michigan. Rumor has it that he will let the coaches know his plan tonight. Stay tuned, this could be the first big moment of a fantastic rivalry.
    • 247Sports Crystal Ball: OSU 45%, Michigan 26%
    • The Wolverine Staff Predictions: OSU 100%
  2. TE Chris Clark

    • Currently: Undecided
    • Where he signs: Michigan 
    • Why: The former commit is down to Michigan and UCLA, and is clearly having trouble deciding exactly where he will go. His relationship with Coach Mora is much stronger (obviously) than the one with Coach Harbaugh, which is rumored to be a big factor here. However, when you add in the other factors (distance to home, parents liking Michigan more, the system fit, and his announcement time: 8:30am EST), I believe he will follow his heart and sign with the Wolverines tomorrow morning. But this is in no way a slam dunk. I wouldn\’t be surprised either way.
    • 247Sports Crystal Ball: Michigan 53%, UCLA 25%
    • The Wolverine Staff Predictions: Michigan 50%, UCLA 50%
  3. DE/TE Tyrone Wheatley

    • Currently: Undecided
    • Where he signs: Michigan 
    • Why: Wheatley Jr is the son of current running backs coach and former star Michigan tailback Tyrone Wheatley which seems like it should be enough to land him. However, he actually had Michigan on the outside looking in for his top four teams soon after Harbaugh\’s hiring. But with a secret official visit last week, things are looking good for Michigan even though this is not a slam dunk.
    • 247Sports Crystal Ball: Michigan 95%, UCLA 2%, USC 2%
    • The Wolverine Staff Predictions: Michigan 100%
  4. CB Jarius Adams

    • Currently: Committed to Rutgers 
    • Where he signs: Rutgers 
    • Why: While Adams visited Ann Arbor last week and seemed to have a great time, his relationships with the Rutgers coaching staff looks to be too much to overcome for Michigan.
    • 247Sports Crystal Ball: Michigan 83%, Rutgers 17%
    • The Wolverine Staff Predictions: Michigan 75%, Rutgers 25%
  5. LB Roquan Smith

    1. Currently: Undecided
    2. Where he signs: UCLA
    3. Why: The Bruins were the first team in on him and rumor has it that his visit went so well last weekend that he silently committed to UCLA. He did come out and deny that rumor but things are looking very good for Coach Mora here.
    4. 247Sports Crystal Ball: Georgia 67%, UCLA 26%, Michigan 2%
    5. The Wolverine Staff Predictions: Georgia 100%
  6. WR Van Jefferson

    1. Currently: Committed to Ole Miss (no formal decommitment)
    2. Where he signs: Michigan
    3. Why: The former Georgia and Ole Miss commit has quickly rose to one of the most talked about and wanted names on the Michigan board. He visited Ann Arbor last weekend and from all reports, he had a fantastic time. While he\’s technically committed to Ole Miss (that has been removed from his Twitter bio), there are rumors saying he will sign with Michigan tomorrow. This is definitely one to keep and eye on as I could see it go either way.
    4. 247Sports Crystal Ball: 33% Michigan, 13% Ole Miss
    5. The Wolverine Staff Predictions: Michigan 75%, Ole Miss 25%
  7. CB Iman Marshall

    1. Currently: Undecided
    2. Where he signs: USC
    3. Why: The top target on the board (in terms of ranking) will be the announcement every single Michigan fan will watch. He\’s a top five player and is very high on Michigan (rumor has it that his top two are the Trojans and Wolverines). However, his familiarity with USC, his father\’s involvement and his proximity to Southern California looks to be too much to make up for Harbaugh and Michigan. But, like others, this is not a slam dunk.
    4. 247Sports Crystal Ball: USC 94%, FSU 6%
    5. The Wolverine Staff Predictions: USC 100%

Other names to watch:

  • CB Keith Washington
  • RB Karan Higdon
  • WR Auden Tate
  • CB Markel Bush
  • CB Jeff Christian

Public Service Announcement

No matter what happens tomorrow, please do not tweet negatively at recruits. It\’s one thing to say \”congratulations\”, but please do not cut down an 18 year old kid for deciding that another school is best for him.

Garrett Fishaw