Michigan\’s Recruiting Class Ranked #6 by ESPN

According to ESPN, The Michigan Wolverines have the 6th ranked recruiting class for the 2012 season. Considering the Wolverines have two ESPN 150 players (Terry Richardson and Royce Jenkins-Stone) this is a great ranking. Plus the rankings seem a bit bias because they under ranked nearly every mid-west prospect.

When comparing all the recruiting sites, only a couple players are consistent (Richardson, RJS, Ross, Bolden, Funchess and Ojemudia). I feel like they have underrated many players, even the top ranked players all over the mid-west. After their senior seasons, a lot of the Michigan recruits and targets will likely have much higher rankings. With the (hopeful) better, more realistic rankings, Michigan may end up with a class around #3 or #4, especially if Hoke has the team playing well and attracting big recruits to Ann Arbor.

Michigan recruit ESPN rankings:

  1. MI Terry Richardson, CB (81 overall, 4 star)
  2. MI Royce Jenkins-Stone, LB (80 overall, 4 star)
  3. OH Joe Bolden, LB, (80 overall, 4 star)
  4. MI Devin Funchess, TE (80 overall, 4 star)
  5. MI James Ross, LB (80 overall, 4 star)
  6. MI Mario Ojemudia, OLB/DE (80 overall, 4 star)
  7. OH Pharaoh Brown, DE (79 overall, 3 star)
  8. MI Ben Braden, OT (79 overall, 3 star)
  9. MI Matt Godin, DT/SDE (78 overall, 3 star)
  10. OH Caleb Stacey, OG (78 overall, 3 star)
  11. OH Kaleb Ringer, OLB (78 overall, 3 star)
  12. IL Anthony Standifer, CB (77 overall, 3 star)
  13. OH Allen Gant, SS (75 overall, 3 star)
  14. OH AJ Williams, TE/OT (Un-ranked)