Michigan Offers Nebraska TE Commit Matt Snyder

Since taking over the Wolverine program, Jim Harbaugh has had one big time goal (outside of winning and developing young men) and that was to make Michigan the new \”Tight End U\”. And he\’s doing his best to bring in the talent to make that happen as he\’s offered 2015 Nebraska commit Matt Snyder.

Honored to have received an offer from coach Harbaugh at Michigan

— matt snyder (@Mattsnyder42) January 16, 2015

Snyder is an old school, prototypical tight end similar to Jake Butt or Jason Whitten. He won\’t burn you with athleticism but his precise route running and ability to catch the ball makes him the perfect middle of the field option for any quarterback, especially an experienced QB, which Michigan will have for 2015.

While it\’s not known where he sits on the recruiting board, things look pretty good for Michigan here. They have Chris Clark on campus this weekend, are heavily recruiting Tyrone Wheatley Jr and are trying to flip Snyder from the Cornhuskers (who just flipped from Oregon State at the end of December).

This is definitely a situation to watch since it\’s likely two tight ends will be apart of the 2015 Michigan recruiting class.

Check out Snyder\’s highlights.